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atheist idiot wage slave
CrabSnack is from Brighton, United Kingdom.
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Twenty Answers

What phobias have you overcome in your lifetime?
Spiders. Still scared of flying though.
Would you dress in drag for $25?
Of course!
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
If you could rid the world of one disease what would it be?
Cancer, I guess.
If you could deliver a speech to the entire world, what would you say?
No idea, I guess I'd have to ad-lib something.
Have you ever been scared enough to wet your pants?
If you were in the circus what kind of performer would you be? (Clown, tight-rope walker, etc)
Clown seems like a good fit for me.
What two languages would you like to be fluent in?
French, and Mandarin.
What is your guilty pleasure?
Guilt is so 20th century.
If you inherited or won a million dollars, whats the very first thing you would do with the money?
Buy one million scratchcards.
If you were president for the day, what one thing would you change about the country?
Reverse the dismantling of the NHS.
Would you become a professional bank robber if you knew you would never get caught?
What board game do you hate the most?
What country would you never want to visit?
USA (Sorry.)
Whats the weirdest dream youve ever had?
It's hard to pick just one.
If it were possible, would you live on the moon?
Nah, shit's boring. Nothing up there but rocks.
Would you rather be a judge or a lawyer?
Judge. Obey the law, citizen.
Who would you hate to see naked?
Prince Phillip.
What is your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics?
Youre in prison with a life sentence, what was your crime?
Stealing valour for monetary gain.

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