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Eggs's Profile

human man meat-popsicle
Eggs is from Kennewick, Washington, United States.
Playing Since:
Citizen of the Universe / God of my own reality

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Twenty Answers

Describe your own personal hell.
Being too aware of my place in the universe, being reminded that i am ultimately powerless no matter how strong, skilled, or smart i become
Who would you hate to see naked?
Donald Trump, i may vomit
What are two things you would do if you woke up to find yourself completely invisible?
hide everyone's car keys blow smoke in everyone's face
If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you give up?
sight. i will be much more handsome once i am blind.
If you had to read an entire encyclopedia, which letter would you choose?
Those things go by letter? i guess we will start at E, so i can better understand Encyclopedias.
Have you thrown up in a car?
only police cars
If you were offered the position of mayor of your city, would you take it?
Couldn't do a worse job than Mayor McCheese
What was your first CD and when did you get it?
Rage Against the Machine : Battle of Los Angeles camelot music.... those were a thing once...
Whats the wildest thing youve ever done in a hotel room?
nothing too wild. got wasted i guess
Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why?
The first Bugs Bunny, OG PIMP
What is the last book you read?
Reincarnation Blues, it was pretty badass
If you could get away with a crime, would you? If yes, what would it be?
Legally speaking it is a bad idea to answer questions like this, even if they are hypothetical.
What is one thing women do that grosses you out? And men?
one thing women do that gross me out: men one thing men do that gross me out: men
What phobias have you overcome in your lifetime?
I have made real progress overcoming hydrophobia/claustrophobia are you guys the fucken CIA or something jesus christ
Do you believe in Bigfoot?
No not that there isn't any evidence or that i think it is impossible but i save my believing for things that keep me from committing suicide
What is something you are currently obsessed with?
Altered Carbon is pretty awesome, looking forward to finishing the 2nd season and seeing the roleplaying game come out
How would you describe yourself in three words?
philosopher discordian asshole
If you could got back in time 1,000 years, what year would you visit?
like up to a thousand? cause if is just 1000 that would be 1020 and tbh i wouldn't bother that time period sounds fucken awful. i would have liked to be around for the civil rights marches, protests, and riots of the 60s and 70s.
Describe your own personal heaven.
Loving and being loved, living a meaningful life
Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf for 24 hours?
i've been a hobbit for 30 years so let's try elf

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