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communist human student
SublimeDowntime is from Costa Rica.
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Seven Answers

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why?
Yang from RWBY, because of her weapon choice, passion, and devotion.
What is the last book you read?
Alex as Well, a book about an intersex girl.
What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
Monty Python's The Holy Grail movie. absolute classic.
What fashion trend do you wish would go away?
Straight women biting from lesbians while alienating us from womanhood.
Have you ever chased down an ice cream truck as an adult?
I chase down Ice Cream trucks NOW who are we kidding?
What song would you sing for your American Idol audition?
Luck be a Lady Tonight by Frank Sinatra OR something by hozier
What two languages would you like to be fluent in?
I wish I was more fluent in English and Spanish, as it stands i'm half fluent in both.

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