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christian conservative student woman
theBOBfredrick is from Atlanta, GA, United States.
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Twenty Answers

What bad habit do you have that you know you need to break, but dont really want to?
Negative Thinking and Self destructive behavior
Would you become a professional bank robber if you knew you would never get caught?
No, I'd never be able to use blood money. I just wouldn't feel right inside.
If you could got back in time 1,000 years, what year would you visit?
I would visit the year I was born, just so I can see how I looked before the world had it's way with me. So I can see myself when I was still pure and innocent.
What's the worst thing you ever did as a child and what was your punishment?
I blackmailed my sister when she spent $200 on in game purchases. I wouldn't tell on her if she let me use some of it. I never got punished but she got her allowance taken away till it was all paid off.
What is something you are currently obsessed with?
Food and cooking
If you inherited or won a million dollars, whats the very first thing you would do with the money?
Invest so I can have more money.
What is one thing women do that grosses you out? And men?
Women who support abortion and men who say nothing about it.
If you could start a collection of one kind of item, what would it be?
I'd want a collection of bibles and other religious texts in all sorts of languages and dates.
Whats the weirdest dream youve ever had?
I got stuck inside a round tree and rolled down a hill
If you were about to be executed what five foods would have as your last meal?
none. I wouldn't want to eat I'd be to upset.
If it were possible, would you live on the moon?
no I find earth to pretty
What country would you never want to visit?
some middle eastern country that is extremely sexist and backwards.
Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Matt Smith, I even got a hug
If you could break any world record which one would it be?
something to do with entertainment would be nice
Whats your favorite viral YouTube video?
gosh this is impossible to chose! I love the old toby turner stuff but Pewdiepie's music videos are my jam! Say congratulations it's a celebration party all day I know you've been waitinggggg!
What skills do you posses that could help you survive the zombie apocalypse?
I am extremely observant due to an anxiety disorder and OCD which heightens my space awareness and I'm an excellent aim. Also I have pretty awesome hair so like *hair flip* XD
If you could deliver a speech to the entire world, what would you say?
All lives matter from conception to natural death. Even hitter was a child of god. everyone has worth no matter what they have done or who they come from. Everyone is loved and people are more then a choice. If you feel Humanity is failing look in the mirror and change that.
If you were president for the day, what one thing would you change about the country?
I would make abortion illegal. People are more than a choice to me. Everyone has a right to live.
Have you ever been drunk in public?
no. nope, never been drunk in public or in private.
If you could be on the cover of any magazine which one would you choose?
People! Cuz like...or maybe Time? or sports illustrated lol XD my poor mother.

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