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Drugs of Withmore

You know drugs are legal in the Dome, right? Jest try not to get hooked, nor let a Judge get you using v-202 to get an edge on someone or you might get yer ass clone-dead.

Most drugs can be aquired with a doctor, on vending machines or even on street markets. Of course one can be stronger than the other, even among the same drug you get different quality and concentrations

Some of them are highly addictive and going without your hit will make you ill as hell. Others can be so powerful that they can kill you.

Once a girl collapsed at Bitchin' and twitched until the meat wagon showed up to cart her corpse off.


This shit will make ya happy. No pain and helps ya stop bleeding. Cheap too.
Dez is so nice it comes in pink pills, the most expensive painkiller around, addictive as fuck.


No pain, no pain! Ya can take off a hammer to the hand with dis and not feel anything.
Another nice pain med. This one comes as three hexagon-shaped pills in a tube, not as expensive as Dez and waaay less addictive.


Exy gives you high reflexes and makes interfacing with cyberware faster. Deck jockeys love this. It's green and comes in a syringe, three hits, should be enough to either kill you or make you addicted.


This is da shit. Everything goes slow, bright lighs do crazy fun dances for you, flashing lights are craaaazy.
This you inject yourself with, it comes with three hits. More expensive than Na-3z or mRc, but waaay funnier, not much addictive.


Marcy, oh Marcy... You make my heart race, my reflexes sharp, how would I deck without ya?
This is an over the counter pain medicine, it's cheap. Heavy addictive. You take a pill and snort it, you don't eat it.


Shit's the shit. Makes ya high for a looooooong time, happy times.
Not that addictive, comes as small triangles in a strip, you take one out and put under your tongue and let it there.


Ganj, ganj never changes... Dey grow ya hidroponic and sell ya already rolled or in pipes.
Some people plant these on their roofs trying to be all independant and shit, but I can't wait weeks for a blunt.


The result of distilling Chuck Norris' tears into a drug. Makes ya feel no pain and ready to kill anything that moves.
Shit is expensive as hell to make, expensive to buy and highly addictive. I'd stay away if I were you.