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How long for support?

Hey. I signed up a couple of days ago but never got a confirmation e-mail. I can log in to the website (obviously) but need to verify to make my first character but not getting that e-mail. I mailed support earlier today with the help@sindome.org address. Just curious how long I should expect to wait. Figuring the problem is AOL but the e-mails aren't going to my spam folder, so I don't know.

Disregard, just got an e-mail back from Brendan. Turns out they have had issues with AOL in the past, so just going to make a new account with my alternate yahoo account.

Welcome, Tilarium!

We look forward to your RP. :)

Thanks, Dragon. I'm going to wait a little while before I try again, but for now I'm reading about the game. It sounds interesting but also confusing, at least from the outside.

I'm going from another game that is closing down soon. That game you gained skill based on using that skill. There was hunting perps, and all sorts of other things you can do like playing instruments, mining, fishing, crime solving.

So far, all I can tell for this game is getting a job and RPing it. What else is there to do?

How do you progress in the game?


How is experience granted in Sindome?


also there's the in-game helpfile, "Help UE"


There is LOTS to do. Some jobs are just there to provide an income and support your real RP. Some jobs are awesome to RP. Some jobs aren't coded or admin-supported at all but entirely player-created, player-driven and player-demanded.

There are many things you can do just by going out and talking to people, using the in game IC forum and in game communication, gathering intel and contacts and going after your goals. Different people go about doing this in different ways but there are many non-coded things to do as well as many coded things to explore.

Maybe read this too? Some tips for Everyone (good for new players):