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Help for 'UE'


Unassigned Experience (UE) is gained periodically as you are connected and active in the game. The longer you are on and about talking to characters, roleplaying, doing jobs, etc. the more UE you get, up to a maximum of 3 per day. UE can then be applied to any number of skills and stats as you see fit using the '@assign ue' command.

UE is ONLY granted to characters that are online, and not idle or characters who were online for a period of time (we don't disclose how long) during a particular UE cycle. If you are idle for more than an hour when UE is granted, you will not receive it. You are able to accumulate a sizable pool of UE prior to assigning it, but you are limited in how much UE you can apply to any given stat or skill in a rolling 24 hour period. We generally see players assigning UE daily or once or twice a week depending how frequently they play.

UE is not the be-all and end all of why you are here. UE is a tool for character advancement, but only one tool. First and foremost you are here to roleplay! There is a UE cap, a maximum amount of UE you can earn, and thus, earning UE is a marathon and not a sprint. Not getting 3ue a day is not a big deal. Do not sweat it. Do not lose sleep over it.

It is against the rules to sponge up UE by sitting around and not RPing or signing on and not doing anything only to sign off a few minutes later. This behavior is monitored for by automated systems that will alert the admin that a rule violation is taking place and will result in your account being purged of all UE and you potentially being banned. Do not break this rule.


After spending your UE (making it AE, assigned experience) you cannot undo the spend. We do not offer mulligans or respec just because you put a point or two in a skill or stat you didn't mean to.

If you are reading this because an admin or player pointed you to this help file because you inquired about 'undoing' a mis-spend, rest assured that while you cannot unspend your ue, and you cannot get a mulligan, in the grande scheme of things this is a literal drop in the bucket. You will get MANY MANY more to spend, and almost everyone puts a few points in the wrong stat/skill here and there. Don't stress it.

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*Last Updated: 01/24/21 by Fengshui*
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