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Drugs in Withmore

The sale and use of drugs are legal in Withmore City when used for recreation or self improvement. Being addicted to a drug is against the law. Some drugs such as v-202 are illegal if used during the commission of an assault, manslaughter or murder. Commonly used and sold drugs in the city include Dezraldin, Endoprine, LNA-3z, mRc, NA-3z, TH-2c, Nevadone, EverUp, SoberUp, Ex-D7, Jackel Pipe, and v-202.

Ambrosia Corporation, it's parent company Viriisoma, Healthline, and Holomedica LLC are all examples of pharmaceutical companies, while countless independant chemists also contribute to the market. Many U-Vend vending machines also distribute drugs at a set price.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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