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Saedor Krupp, or as it is informally known SK, is the leading company specializing in cybernetic implants. Its corporate headquarters is located at Withmore City, Gold Level, on Saedor Way. The humongous skyscraper shadows the street and holds not only the corporation's headquarters but several other small businesses on its lower levels, one of which is the well-known Okey Dokey Karaoke Bar.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
Hot Jobs!
  • Special InquisitorWJF22000c
  • Justice Force OperatorWJF10000c
  • TV Personality NLM
  • TV NewscasterNLM
  • TV PersonalityNLM20000c
  • Junior Security OfficerNLM
  • Gridworks SupportNLM
  • Sr Network OperatorNLM
  • Live TV DaredevilNLM15000c
  • Sr. TV ProducerNLM30000c
  • Street ReporterNLM
  • Junior Media DesignerNLM
  • Sr. Media DesignerNLM15000c
  • Junior AccountantNLM
  • Accounts ManagerNLM14000c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Administrative AssistantSK15000c
  • Security SupervisorSK12500c
  • Communications OfficerSK20000c
  • Cybernetics Rnd InvestigatorSK25000c
  • Jr. Security PersonnelSK12500c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Senior Marketing AnalystNK14000c
  • Information SpecialistNK11000c
  • WCS Sanitation EngineerWCS6500c
  • WCS Disposal TechnicianWCS5000c
  • Admin SupervisorWCS12500c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c

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