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Withmore City Council

The Corporate Council released its governing power and became an advisory board to the newly elected city council in January of 2060. At the time, 9 of the 11 council members are ex-corporate vice-presidents. This is a trend that continues today.

The corporations hold the ultimate authority over the city council, which holds ultimate authority over the WJF.

Public Works & City Funding

The city is funded in a variety of ways.

  1. Payments made for such things as licenses, mag-lev fees
  2. Taxes paid by corporations & corporate employees
  3. Sales taxes
  4. Fines levied by the WJF
  5. Stipends from the corporations themselves
  6. Real Estate taxes
  7. Immigration & Ingres / Egress Fees
Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
Hot Jobs!
  • Special InquisitorWJF22000c
  • Justice Force OperatorWJF10000c
  • TV Personality NLM
  • TV NewscasterNLM
  • TV PersonalityNLM20000c
  • Junior Security OfficerNLM
  • Gridworks SupportNLM
  • Sr Network OperatorNLM
  • Live TV DaredevilNLM15000c
  • Sr. TV ProducerNLM30000c
  • Street ReporterNLM
  • Junior Media DesignerNLM
  • Sr. Media DesignerNLM15000c
  • Junior AccountantNLM
  • Accounts ManagerNLM14000c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Administrative AssistantSK15000c
  • Security SupervisorSK12500c
  • Communications OfficerSK20000c
  • Cybernetics Rnd InvestigatorSK25000c
  • Jr. Security PersonnelSK12500c
  • Junior Cybernetic RnD SpecialistSK10000c
  • Senior Marketing AnalystNK14000c
  • Information SpecialistNK11000c
  • WCS Sanitation EngineerWCS6500c
  • WCS Disposal TechnicianWCS5000c
  • Admin SupervisorWCS12500c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c
  • Non-Salaried DeveloperPS250c

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