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Rules of Conduct


0.A Temporary Removal from the IC World

The staff have a command that will remove a player from the IC world and put them in the $void. Being put in the void is an initial step that staff members take when additional information needs to be gathered about an OOC issue, or if a player's behavior is deemed unacceptable. The length of time one spends in the void is dependent on the issue.

0.B Suspension of BGBB Access

If a player violates the rules of the game on the BGBB, or the specific BGBB policies ( their ability to post on the BGBB will be suspended. The duration of the suspension will be determined based on the severity of the violation.

0.C Suspension of XHELP Access

If a player continually violates the rules governing XHELP their ability to use XHELP will be suspended. The duration of suspension is determined by the severity of the violation.

0.D Suspension of Game Provided OOC Chatting

If a player violates the rules governing OOC communication their ability to utilize various OOC Communication channels supported by the game may be suspended. We have automatic systems in place to govern suspensions from In-Game communication channels that can be utilized by Player Moderators and Staff alike. These systems use a progressive warning system which will communicate the perceived issue as well as expectations to the player if they violate them.

Staff also have the ability to manually remove a player's access to these systems if they deem it needed.

0.E Suspension from the Game

If a player violates the rules of the game they may be subject to suspension. Staff gather information on rules violations, including but not limited to past suspensions, and then vote on a suspension, and its length. If the suspension passes, the player's access to the game will be suspended for the period of time voted upon.

In extreme circumstances, where there is a worry that a player will continue to harm the community while a vote is taken, Senior Staff may remove a player's access to the game pending a vote. If the vote does not pass, access will be restored.

0.F Banning

If a player severely violates a rule, or has a pattern of suspensions, an indefinite ban will be enacted. There is no time limit for an indefinite ban. Indefinite bans can be appealed after 1 year by emailing [email protected].

Code & System Abuse

1.A. Bugs in Code

Our programmers are not perfect and some of the code they write will have errors, tracebacks (TBs) and various 'holes' in them. If you discover one of these 'holes' it is your duty to @bug it. It's understood that you won't always know a bug when you see one, but intentional abuse of these 'holes' is against the rules.

1.B. Circumventing In Game Code

The game is not perfect and due to either code constraints or database constraints, we can not always prevent things that would normally be prevented in the real world. Exploiting these gaps is forbidden. One example of this would be to spam door codes in order to get access to a room or area that your character does not know the access code to, this type of behavior is strictly forbidden. If you have a question or are unsure what this section covers, please ask an admin for clarification before attempting.

1.C. Denial of Service

Any action that causes extreme lag or stops/denies other players from connecting due to bandwidth consumption is a denial of service attack. Actions like this will not be tolerated, as they could bring down the whole game.

1.D. Hacking accounts

Each player account has a password for a reason. Using software or guessing someone's password to play under their account is against the rules. If you do forget your password, email [email protected] to get the issue resolved.

1.E. (Mis)use of triggers and macros

Client side triggers or macros are not permitted for any purpose of automating character activities or to provide rapid responses to MOO output. Client side triggers and macros may not be used to allow your character to perform activities in your absence, whether you be AFK or just off window. In-MOO support for both is available (type @macros) and can be used to your benefit while you are present and actively playing the game.

Single action hotkeys (e.g. - that let you press a letter on your keyboard and a whole 'east' or 'west' or 'north' or 'south', etc is input and sent for you) are banned. This includes the mushclient feature where the number pad lets you navigate around.

OOC Conduct

2.A. Comply with punishments

If you break the rules, you will be punished. If you are punished, you need to comply with that punishment. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, email [email protected] and explain your situation, and a Senior Staff member will read and respond (if needed). Failing to comply with a punishment will result in a longer suspension or ban.

2.B. (Mis)use of xhelp

xhelp is a means with which players communicate with admin. Sindome is an immersive game and is meant to be played without breaking character. That is not always possible due to bugs, and other circumstances. These cases usually result in a player xhelping to get an admin to help them with their situation. There are only a few acceptable reasons to xhelp:

- Your character is stuck somewhere due to a bug. - You need to report cheating or meta gaming - An admin initiates the conversation - For discussions that involve plot information and info that needs to be private and thereby cannot be sent on the Game-Help channel (changing codes for vehicles, apartments, etc.) and plot approvals. - You need to check if something is allowed or not - You are confirming we received membership dues There may be one off cases that do not fit these parameters but for 99% of cases you should be asking for help on xgame (which has both players and admin). You should not xhelp to ask ANY of the following:

- A question that should be asked in character (generally these types of questions start with 'where is' 'who is' and 'how do i' - A request for a puppet / animation of an NPC (if you want to talk with an NPC (non player character) then please -talk- to them. If an admin is available they will pick up the puppet. You are free to repeat your query to the NPC every 5-10 minutes if you do not get a response. When an admin is available they will help you. If you still cannot get ahold of the NPC then @request-puppet to let us know you are trying to contact that NPC. - Complaining because something does not go your way - Questioning of how an NPC/PC knew something, found you, did something - Complaining that an NPC is not being animated fast enough

2.C. Community Harm

Sometimes a player's behavior, despite not breaking other rules, negatively impacts a large portion of the community. The severity of this impact is subjective and decided by the admins by vote. If a player cannot de-escalate misbehavior after communications with admins, they may be suspended temporarily or permanently banned.

2.D. Ignoring Character Death

When your character finally permanently dies, you are sent to char-gen to make a new character. You are, at that time, a completely new character with absolutely no relation to or memory of the past character. It is against the rules to directly or indirectly pass items or money from an old character to a new one.

2.E. Creative name spelling to bring back old characters

Character death is final. The name of your dead character is pretty much forever unusable again. Naming your new character like your old one is not allowed. Additionally, the same character history and description are not allowed.

2.F. Circumventing the 'Sindome Laws of Physics'

Since this is a game you can't ever win, not everyone can see or do everything. We need to maintain a certain level of intrigue and 'newness' to the game and by finding ways to locations/places you are not supposed to be, or doing things which would interrupt the normal IC flow, you can seriously harm that. Logging on as a guest once you have a character or during character death is not allowed under this rule.

2.G. Multiple Characters

Having more than one character, by any means, is against the rules. Different characters with the same email address are not allowed. Different characters with different email addresses that are played by the same person are not allowed. Having an alt makes it too easy to break Rule 1.C. Additionally, having multiple characters limits the number of players the game can support, which isn't fair to others.

2.H. Multiple Accounts Playing from the same IP

Multiple people playing from the same IP address requires special permission from the admin. This is to prevent multi-playing (see 1.E). You may xhelp to speak with an admin or email [email protected] to request permission, though this permission may not be granted.

2.I. Using a Proxy or VPN

Due to a history of suspended & banned players using proxies & VPNs to hide their IP addresses and return to playing the game on new accounts while suspended or banned, connecting to the game using a Proxy or VPN is prohibited. If we detect you connecting from a proxy or VPN, we will remove you from the game and ask you to connect from your real IP address.

2.J. Idling

Due to the way the MOO handles experience, use of any system to keep your character connected to the MOO in your absence is not allowed. Characters are permitted to idle 24 hours before being disconnected from the game. Bypassing this disconnect timer in any way to stay connected in your absence will result in us breaking your connection and preventing auto-reconnection. Your character will remain unmoved after disconnect and you are solely responsible for any IC consequences of where your character ends up 'sleeping'.

2.K. UE Spongeing

Logging in to a character with the sole intention of collecting UE is against the rules. Upon detection your account will be stripped of all accumulated UE (regardless of if it was earned by spongeing). If the admin do not believe you are here to legitimately RP, your account may be banned entirely.

OOC Communication

3.A. Metagaming

Metagaming is the act of crossing IC/OOC lines either passively or actively. For instance, using information you as the player know to benefit (or even hinder) your character is active metagaming as is circumventing IC factors (such as SIC dead zones) via OOC methods. Passive metagaming is the sharing of In Character, or game mechanics information through OOC means, such as discussing IC events through OOC channels or, altering your character's behavior towards another character due to your OOC relationship with that character's player, or passing along game-mechanics information such as what stats or skills to pick.

Metagaming is against the spirit of the game and will be punished with a suspension (at minimum).

3.B. Foul Language

While foul language is not against the rules, there is a point where too much of it directed at a person (player, admin, guest, or otherwise) becomes a problem. It is understood that IC actions may sometimes result in OOC feelings, but there are healthier ways to vent your frustrations.

3.C. Real World Threats

Ok, this is really simple... You cannot threaten another player with real world misgivings. This pretty much covers the whole legal gamut. In cases like this, we would be forced to involve outside authorities. If you find yourself wanting to threaten someone, go for a walk, open the blinds, see a movie (something happy, and NO, 'The Matrix' is NOT happy) and rest for a little while.

3.D. Racial Remarks

Making OOC comments about a character or player's race are not tolerated in any way. While IC comments are part of the IC world, if any player objects to a character's comments, they must stop as with any other form of harassment.

3.E. Discussing Old Roleplay

For players who have been members of the community for a long time, it is tempting to discuss old roleplay that you believe does not have an impact on current IC events.

This is only acceptable if the roleplay happened over 3 years ago, you have first-hand knowledge (you are not retelling a story someone else told OOCly), all player characters involved have permed, it doesn't pertain to ongoing IC events and if you include a disclaimer beforehand stating 'The events described next happened over 3 years ago and all players involved have permed. It still might contain spoilers'. This disclaimer can be ommitted when using the game provided 'War-Stories' channel.

Any storytelling happening through chat tools provided by the game should take place in the 'War-Stories' channel so people who want to take part can opt in. If you are unsure if a specific event or story fits this criteria, err on the side of caution and do not share it. Failure to abide by this criteria even unintentionally will be considered a violation of the 'Metagaming' rule and be punished as such.

3.F. Discord

Sindome has a community Discord server. In order to join you must have a Sindome account. Continued access to the Discord server is dependent on being an active member of the Sindome community. If you are suspended or banned from the game, your access to the Sindome Discord server will be removed until your suspension is over.

All of the game rules apply on the Discord server as well. However, if you choose to connect privately with current or former members of the community via Discord, you do so at your own risk. You are expected to report rules violations (see 2.E Reporting Rules Violations). If you have connected privately with someone on Discord and they are harassing you privately, you have the ability to report that behavior to Discord, and to block that person. You can report it to the Sindome staff as well, but we Sindome cannot police harassment in private conversations that take place on Discord.

You are expected to listen to Staff and Player Moderators on the Sindome Discord, the same way you would on the game. Failure to do so will result in suspension of your Sindome Discord privileges and possibly suspension from the game.

Discord community guidelines are available for review here:

3.G. Character Art

It is against the rules to post character art in a manner that could be used to associate your player and character together. This includes the BGBB and Sindome's Discord as well as other Third Party sites when using accounts of the same name as accounts used in Discord or on the BGBB. You may email [email protected] with the art and ask for it to be posted for you. That way it will not be associated with your BGBB name.

It is against the rules to use character art from your current character as your Avatar on the BGBB or on Discord, as it would reveal who you play. Please respect this rule or at a minimum your access to the BGBB and Sindome Discord may be removed.

3.H. Sharing Contact Information

Sharing your contact information on OOC-Chat, or the BGBB is allowed as long as doing so does not alert anyone to what character you play. For example, making a BGBB post or an OOC-Chat post with your Discord information is acceptable as long as it will not give away who you play. However, sharing your OOC contact information in a way which reveals who you play (for example, over local OOC, even if disguised) is prohibited, as it would cause our Conflict of Interest rules to kick in right away. Sharing OOC Contact information through IC means (gridmail, SIC, etc) is forbidden. If you want to share your contact information with a specific player upon deciding to leave the game, you may xhelp and ask the Staff to facilitate the exchange.

3.I. Chatting Privately OOCly

We do not encourage players to slide into each other's DMs because it has a high likelihood of triggering our Conflict of Interest rules which will result in not being able to roleplay closely with the character of the person you are DMing with. However, if you choose to do so, you are expected to follow all the rules governing OOC communication and report any violations you witness as detailed in 'Reporting Rules Violations' below. Do not share who you play (or you will trigger our COI rules and not be able to RP with that player's character). Do not share game-mechanics information such as how stats or skills work, or how to build out a character. Do not share IC information of any sort. A rule of thumb is: If it wouldn't be acceptable on OOC-Chat or the BGBB, it isn't acceptable in a direct message.

You are not required to alert staff of private OOC conversations unless they violate the rules or trigger our Conflict of Interest rules (see below).

You can read more information on what is/is not acceptable in 'help ooc-discussion'.

3.J. Conflicts of Interest - Roleplay Restrictions due to OOC Contact

If you are talking privately (in person, on Discord, etc) with another player, and you become aware of what character they play, our Conflict of Interest rules are triggered. In this situation you must xhelp and let the admin know about the situation.

Additionally it is now against the rules to roleplay closely with that character. You may not live together, work for one another, exchange gifts or chyen, or be involved in plots where you spend significant time together. You can interact in passing during 'bar style' roleplay, or if your job dictates, but you must otherwise steer clear of each other.

After that disclosure to Staff and verification with the other party, the staff will handle coordinating letting the person know your character name (if they don't know it), so you can safely distance yourself from each other in roleplay. This rule remains in place until both characters are perma-killed. It is retriggered if at any time your OOC conversations reveal who either of you plays. It does not end if you stop talking OOCly.

If you have questions about how this rule applies, please xhelp. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare and made only at the discretion of Senior Staff.

Failure to report and abide by the rule will result in disciplinary action which may include suspension or ban.

3.K. Contacting Admin OOCly

The only acceptable way to contact a Staff member is over xhelp or via email to their Sindome email account. Do not directly message staff members on Discord/Facebook/Twitter/etc.

3.L. Revealing Who You Play

It is against the rules to publicly reveal who you currently play (on Discord, OOC-Chat, Reddit, etc). It is acceptable within the rules to reveal who you play privately but this is heavily discouraged as it immediately triggers our Conflict of Interest rules and you are required to report it, and no longer roleplay closely with the person you have revealed it to (See Conflicts of Interest - Roleplay Restrictions due to OOC Contact).

If your character perms you may not publicly or privately reveal you played them for 3 years. Per our rules on Discussing Old Roleplay, you may publicly reveal past characters you played as long as they have been perma-dead for at least 3 years. You may also privately acknowledge that you played a specific character 3+ years after they perm.

3.M. Revealing Who Someone Else Plays

It is against the rules to publicly or privately reveal who a player plays, who a character is played by, who an admin plays, or that a character is an admin alt. It simply isn't your decision to make. Revealing this information even by accident will result in a suspension, revealing it purposefully may result in a perma-ban.

3.N. Reporting Rules Violations

If you take the step of contacting other players Out of Character, you are taking on the responsibility of reporting any violations of our rules that take place during those conversations, be they in private, or in a chatroom that you are in (even if you aren't actively involved in the conversation). This includes someone sharing IC information with you, explaining how mechanics work to you, discussing IC events, sharing their stats, or asking you to share any of this type of information with them. This is a PvP game and it is only by respecting the rules that the game can be fair for those with OOC friends who play, and those who do not.

When reporting a rules violation, Staff will reach out (where possible) to the other players involved and give them an opportunity to come clean and discuss the infraction.

If by reporting a rules violation you have to admit to a rule break yourself, Staff will take that into consideration when determining the severity of punishment to be enforced.

Report rules violations via xhelp and by emailing [email protected] with logs & screenshots. Failure to report rules violations will result in disciplinary action which may include suspension from the game.

IC Conduct

4.A. Abusing by stacking / spamming commands

Stacking commands in the lines of disarm/flee/pickpocket etc, is not allowed on the MOO. In reality you could only attempt these actions once every few seconds. Players should not and will not be permitted to proceed with this type of actions. Repetitive and unnecessary stacking causes lag, and no one wants that.

Stacking commands so that you shout something 30 times is considered spam. Spam is like noise pollution on the MOO and is not allowed. Granted, our keys do 'sometimes' get stuck, but repeat incidents are bogus

4.B. Logging too many Murder/Death/Kills (Player Killing, PKing)

In the world of Sindome death may be a daily occurrence for some characters. When players start controlling the population of Sindome by killing everyone and everything that they see then their version of population control becomes a negative to the game. In this situation some players might find that they have just been eliminated by NPCs team without notice.

Please feel free to kill those that your character would have a reason to, but ensure that when you kill another player you do it with flare and with a touch of reality.

4.C. Five Finger Fanatics

Stealing from the same character or store over and over in short order with little to no roleplay is unacceptable. Limit your thieving to an amount that would be acceptable if this were a real life situation. Would you really lift something from the shelf of a store, leave, and then go back 15 more times? Would you brush past the same person in a crowd 8 times in 5 minutes? Doing this will result in warnings, or potentially deadly in character ramifications. Per the guidelines of 'help farming', if you are determined to be farming, you will be warned about it (at least twice) before we punish you.

Sexual Content

5.A. Sexual RP & Saying No

Sindome is an adult game, with adult content. As such some amount of sex will, in all likelihood, enter into your characters life at some point.

Sexual assault and molestation in roleplay are considered part of 'rape roleplay' and are explicitly prohibited in our rules.

If you, the player, are uncomfortable Out of Character, with physical sexual roleplay that is being directed at or requested from your character, you may use the local OOC command to request that the person cease. If you make this request and it continues to happen, please use xhelp to alert the admin staff, and we will help resolve the situation.

If someone OOCly requests you cease physical contact during sexual roleplay with them under ANY circumstances, you are to cease it, without question. Failure to do so will result in punitive action such as being banned from the game.

It's important to do this Out of Character so there is no confusion.

Roleplay used to slander a character, or blackmail a character by in game means within the boundaries of rule 6.B is allowed. By playing Sindome, you acknowledge that your character may be recorded or slandered for their sexual relations during play.

5.B. Sexual Accusations

There is a zero tolerance policy on discussing rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, or bestiality, even as a fabricated insult or joke amongst consenting parties. Players may use the word 'deviant' to describe a character who is creepy within the aforementioned approved rules and boundaries, and this word is understood by all characters in its use to describe someone who has off-putting, or creepy sexual tendencies in character.

5.C. Unwanted OOC Sexual Advances

Sexual advances in an OOC room or OOC channel should be avoided, and no player is expected to tolerate it at all. If you feel as though someone is sexually harassing you on OOC channels, please xhelp and alert an admin of the situation.

DO NOT sexually harass community members out of character. If you do you can expect to be banned from the game.

5.D. Text Rape & Rape RP

Text rape is defined here as any instance in which something explicitly sexual is directly forced on a character. Rape RP is any RP that revolves around an instance of text rape, including the rape itself and any in-character or out of character discussions about it.

Rape RP is against the rules on Sindome. Discussing instances of Rape RP that took place on this, or other games, by any IC or OOC communication method is also against the rules. The only exception is to use xhelp to report violations of the rule, or get clarification from admin.

This means that you should never engage in rape RP, including both perpetration and discussion, in any location, over SIC, on the grid, or on OOC Channels. It does not matter if all directly involved have given their consent to the RP because its impossible to obtain OOC consent of everyone (players & admin) who may witness, hear discussion of, or be affected by the RP itself.

Avoid this kind of RP altogether and any discussion of RP that may have happened ICly or OOCly in the past.

Combat roleplay following sex roleplay does not constitute a rule break under this rule as long as the two events are conducted separately. Sexual roleplay must be done and over with before combat roleplay can commence for a clean and clear progression of the roleplay.

The discussion of rape as it pertains to the rules, or the real world is not forbidden on OOC channels but anyone discussing it should be aware that it is a volatile topic that can easily upset others. Be respectful and be prepared to stop discussing it if asked by other members of the community.

(see also: 'help forbidden' and rule 6.A. above on "Sexual RP & Saying No")

Administrator Guidelines

7.A. Administration Hierarchy

$support_GM (Support GM) - Checks Grid Mails, Basic Puppeting

$watcher (Training GM) - Training, Most Puppeting

$creator (GM, Builder) - GM, building, basic coding

$agent (Senior Staff) - Staff / Player Management

$justice (Executive Staff) - Wizard, Game Director

7.B. Privacy Policy

Conversations between players and administration made over xhelp or email are considered private between the player and the administration as a whole, unless otherwise specified, or unless the player takes an OOC action which requires the administrator to release said information to 'set the record straight'.

In instances of players reporting potential admin issues, the conversation will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will only be discussed with the necessary parties involved. All administrators are OOC entities. They do not converse with players in an IC manner, obviously, and cannot pass information on to another player except in an OOC manner. Passing such information along is breaking rule 1.C., above.

7.C. Conflict Neutrality

The game is based around conflict, without which we would be left with a happy fluffy bunny MOO. This conflict may not always be resolvable through IC means. When an administrator steps in to resolve these conflicts, they must be fair and impartial at all times. If an administrator cannot handle the situation due to OOC association, they should give the conflict to another administrator to be handled.

7.D. Extended Absence

Without the administration, the game wouldn't last too long. Administrators are expected to login on a regular basis. If an administrator cannot login due to real world issues, they should let a $justice know so they are not removed for not logging in. After 6 months of inactivity, administrators will be reaped. $Justices are excluded.

Upon returning to the game after an extended absence all admin are required to read, review, and absorb along with abide all the rules, goals, and statements made in the admin-guide located on the website in the admin section. Ask another admin if you are unaware of the URL. Returning admin are also subject to a yay/nay vote by the existing staff, which may decide that the returning admin should be disallowed from returning.

Failure to read and abide by the rules will result in an admin being stripped of their bit by senior staff, regardless of the returning admin's previous place in the game. This is due to the fact that the game evolves and if you aren't around to evolve with it you may come back with a vastly different idea about the way the game is played or administrated due to not being around for the major changes. It is your responsibility to not undermine the current staff or direction of the game. Failure to do so results suspension of you as an admin.

7.E. Admin Cheating

Giving help, money, stat boosts, gear, or information to a friend or your alternate character is considered cheating. Involving a friend in an approved plot where gear, money, help or information is issued is OK but must be RP'ed. The characters created for these plots fall under the same guidelines as any other character.

7.F. Public Affairs

No administrator shall answer questions or make statements for the game unless directed to by the Head Justice. General statements about personal enjoyment, theme or features are fine as long as they are not too in-depth.

7.G. Source Code

At no time will source code from the game be displayed to players, guests, or extra-MOO entities. No code will be ported, dumped or used from a non-Sindome author without approval from that author, and a $justice. If an author cannot be contacted, and it is uncertain if the code is public domain, it is not to be used. No code will be ported, dumped, or used from Sindome, without the express consent of the Author and $justice. Any code written for Sindome, is considered property of The Sindome Corporation. If at any time a coder has decided to leave, his code stays with Sindome. He may use his own code elsewhere, but Sindome is free to do what they will with what was left. If at anytime an administrator is asked to leave/@toaded, they may ask that any plots/creations that they have made to be removed from the game. The admin will make an effort to accommodate them, but have no requirement to do so.

7.H. Player Removal

When a player is acting with malicious intent to disrupt and harm the experience and normal day to day operations of the MOO such as spamming, and other OOC violations covered in the @rules, a staff member can without a vote, @cell the player until a senior admin can either release them or recommend a punishment for the staff to vote on.

Players will be automatically reaped after 90 days of inactivity. If a player is going to be absent longer, then they should xhelp and request to be put on the No Reap list. This can be denied by the staff if they do not agree with the request.

7.I. Malicious Actions

Any code that is intended to subvert the permissions assigned to you, monitor another administrator of equal or higher level, or harm the game by means of excessive lag, server panics, database bloating or any other malicious nature is grounds for permanent blacklisting by 2 $justices without consent of an arch-justice. This does not include accidental runaway verbs or crashes, unless the verb was designed to subvert security or permissions assigned to the administrators.

7.J. Venting About Players

Administrators will not use any public admin channels to insult, sully, or taint, players they dislike (including bringing up past corrective actions taken by admin at unnecessary moments), who they have had an OOC disagreement with, or when they do not agree with the roleplay that player is engaging in. While there are times where admin may wish to vent about player, or character actions, that venting should happen privately as doing so publicly can have the unintended effect of 'poisoning the well' of admin opinion against that player. Admin will be warned about this 3 times at which point corrective action, determined by Senior Staff, will be taken.

7.K. Admin Policy

Admin are also expected to follow all rules outlined in the Admin Policy doc located at which may be updated indpendently of these @rules.

7.L. Admin Communication

Staff members are allowed to post clarifications, updates and engage in discussion within the game, BGBB & Sindome Discord but are not to make public statements regarding the game, staff business, or the results or outcomes of bans & suspension votes without first getting a Senior's sign off. This applies everywhere.

7.M. Admin Contacting Players OOCly

Admin should not OOCly contact players except through approved channels (xhelp, email). Admin with pre-existing OOC relationships with players are required to disclose those relationships during their initial staff interview so they can be marked as Conflict of Interest for those players. Failure to disclose an OOC relationship of any kind will result in suspension or removal from Staff. An admin who has a pre-existing relationship with a player and who discloses it, is not expected to no longer be friends or message with that person (or vice versa), but the admin cannot discuss the game with that player. Admin who are marked as Conflict of Interest for a player should follow the rules relating to COI that are outlined in supplemental admin policy documentation, which typically boils down to not puppeting for or making decisions about that player or their character.

Connection Info


PORT: 5555

Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.