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Strategery Game Rules


Strategery is a game of tactical thinking where as few as two and as many as nine combatants take turns occupying empty spaces on the board, utilizing a pool of placement points to give each cardinal direction of the space (north, east, south, west) a point value from their placement point pool.

  • placement points replenish completely at the start of each turn
  • unspent points do not carry over

Capturing Spaces

If a combatant occupies an empty space adjacent to an occupied space, the two opposing cardinal directions do battle with their placement points pitted against each other. The higher point value space captures the lower point value space, with ties going to the defender.

If a combatant occupies an empty space with multiple adjacent non-empty spaces, battles are executed in a clockwise fashion starting from the northern cardinal direction of the space that was just occupied. In this way you can flip multiple cards but be aware, battle execution ends if the space is lost. This means if you occupy a space and all adjacent spaces are occupied, you will first do battle with the northern space. If you win you capture it. Then the eastern space. If you win you capture it. Then the southern space. If you lose, you lose the space but have gained the other two spaces prior to losing.


Each player starts with a randomly placed castle which in the typical ruleset can not be captured. Castles give the game an edge of randomness with each new match.

End Game

The game ends when there are no remaining empty spaces. The winner of the game is the combatant with the most spaces at the end of the game.

Game Commands

  • the previous game can be cleared at any point with the clear command
  • a new game is setup using the setup command
  • combatants register using the register command
  • the game is started with the start command
  • the rules can be viewed with the rules command
  • a space is occupied using the occupy command
  • the state of the game board before the most recent move can be seen with the flashback command.
  • you can look at the strategery game to see the board and the current status of the game (including who's turn it is).

Game Board

strategery game board

During the setup phase the size of the game board can be choosen. Smaller boards are suitable for quick matches with a smaller number of combatants while larger boards are suitable for longer matches, often among a higher number of combatants.

The game board is laid out in a grid of columns and rows. When occupying a space you occupy 2x3 on strategery to occupy the space located in the 2nd column on the 3rd row.

Each player is given a different color upon registering for the match.

in play strategery game board


  • 0 is a valid point value for a cardinal direction, this is useful when occupying a space next to your castle or against a wall.
  • when occupying a space, it's possible to lose your space but gain other spaces in the process due to clockwise battle execution.