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Playing a Ripper Doc

A portrait of a Ripper Doc

“ The doctor WILL see
YOU now. ”

A Ripper Doc is a medical doctor skilled in the art and science of implanting and extracting biomechanical devices from humans. The Ripper Doc may have been unable to pay for the rest of his schooling, or something horrible may have gone wrong. In any case, he no longer is legally licensed. Since a Ripper Doc isn't legal, he doesn't report operations to the authorities like the more corporate Cybernetics Surgeon needs to.
Important Skills
medical, bio tech
Useful Skills
forensics, chemical
Related Stats
int, agl, pcp

Of course, the roles you can play are just suggestions. Sindome is a level-less and class-less roleplaying game, so you are free to define your character's role all on your own. We look forward to your ideas!