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Playing a Street Samurai

A portrait of a Street Samurai

“ Your troubles END thanks
to my BLADE. ”

A specialist when it comes to real-world combat, the Street Samurai is generally well armed and steps into combat confident he most likely has the advantage. Typically a loner, the Street Samurai likes to strike fast and first and ask questions later. Some are sneaky, some are brash, all think they're bad-asses. The term Street Samurai comes from those that focus on blades, but its common to see Gunslingers blaze a trail of bloody glory with bullets too.
Bouncer, Joeboy, Razor Girl, Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter
Important Skills
one weapon skill, dodge
Useful Skills
one weapon skill, stealth
Related Stats
agl, pcp, end

Of course, the roles you can play are just suggestions. Sindome is a level-less and class-less roleplaying game, so you are free to define your character's role all on your own. We look forward to your ideas!