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Playing a Tech Guru

A portrait of a Tech Guru

put it back TOGETHER! ”

A Tech Guru loves to take everything apart. Often just to see if they can put it back together again. Commonly better with gizmos and gadgets than they are with people, they're pretty good at fixing and modifying all sorts of things. Corporations need plenty of Tech Gurus and they often work closely with security groups due to their high dependence on technology.
Surveilance Manager, Climate Technician, Server Technician, Maintenance Engineer, Security Technician, Electronics Technician, Remote Operator
Important Skills
electro tech, secure tech
Useful Skills
rigging, cracking
Related Stats
int, agl

Of course, the roles you can play are just suggestions. Sindome is a level-less and class-less roleplaying game, so you are free to define your character's role all on your own. We look forward to your ideas!