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Withmore City Corporations

Withmore City SkylineFrom the streets to the board room now for a visit with the businesses that supply the city with it's income. The Withmore City corps believe that they can do anything... and for the most part that's true. They created the city and still wield incredible power over it and it's citizens. All these corporations are part of the Sindome multiverse.

Saedor-Krupp (SK)

Saedor-Krupp Industries
Runs majority of cybernetic component sales

Virii-Soma (VS)

Virii-Soma Biological Research Enterprises
Handles genetic, viral, and bacteria biosculpting products.

Nito-Kodak (NK)

Nito-Kodak Optical Designs Limited
Specializes in bio-optical, digital designs.

Shock Security (SS)

Shock Security Private Defense Providers
Subscription security service.

New Light Media (NLM)

New Light Media Incorporated
Handles digital media production and broadcast.

Skywatch (SK)

Skywatch Orbital Research
Manages dome climate, power and air-space systems.

Genetek Revival (GR)

Genetek Regeneration Revival Institute
Handling regeneration research and contracts.

Withmore Globe (WG)

Withmore Globe News
NLM's Puppet news publish company

Zircon Matsua Industries(ZMI)

Zircon Matsua Worldwide Industries
Advanced Weapons Research and development

Alternative Education & Rehabilitation (AER)

Alternative Education & Rehabilitation Incorporated
Psychlogical Counseling & Clinical Treatment

Shinohara Industries (SI)

Shinohara Heavy Industries
Combat vehicles, robotics, security systems

Neotrans Services (NS)

Neotrans Stratosonic Services
Commercial passenger and freight worldwide shuttle services

Sense/Net CD (SN)

Sensory Network Clone Data Storage Solutions
Stores clone Data on a per person basis with next of kin notification.

Withmore Armament (WAI)

Withmore Armament Incorporated
Weapons research and manufacturer headquarted in Withmore.

DaimlerChrysler (DC)

DaimlerChysler Corporation
The dominant vehicle manufacturer in north america