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Help for ' name'


Your 'name', the name that shows up when you (or someone else) looks at you or when you enter a room, is an OUT OF CHARACTER identifier. What that means is that you, and others will use these OUT OF CHARACTER (OOC) identifiers to reference each other, even when IN CHARACTER (IC) you do not know the name of someone.


It is VERY COMMON that a CHARACTER does not IN CHARACTERLY (ICly) go by the name that shows up when they walk into a room. It is very UNCOMMON for a character's name to change permanently, though it can be accomplished through IC means such as surgery.

You only know a characters name when they or someone else has told you it, and remember, it might not be the name that shows up when they enter the room.


Sometimes folks will show up as 'a shrouded short person'. This means they are disguised. See HELP DISGUISE for more information.


When you look at someone (or they enter the room) along with their name you see a short description (short desc) of them. This could be 'a squat pimp' or 'a nimble woman'. This can be configured with @shortdesc change, HELP SHORTDESC for more information.

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Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.