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Help for '@holdback'

Syntax: @holdback (between 0 and 60)

This verb allows you to hold back a percentage of your stats. It will accept any number between 0 and 60. It is non-specific, meaning it will reduce all your stats by whatever percentage you ask it too. You can only reduce your stats by up to 60 percent. If you have above average health (IE: you are something better then in excellent condition) your health may be effected while you are holding back. If you are hurt when you @Holdback (or when you turn @Holdback off) your health will not recalculate until you are all healed up. Luck is NOT effected.

If you want to stop holding back just '@Holdback' or '@holdback 0'


This verb is very dangerous to use and it is not recommended that you use it lightly. If you get into a fight while holding back and you forget that you were holding back, it's your own damn fault. There are many situations where holding back would be warranted. If you are pretending to be someone else. If you are sparring. If you want to come off weaker then you really are. If you are RPing an injury of some sort. There are equally as many situations where holding back will affect your character in a bad way. Don't get upset if you mess yourself up by using this verb.

Some of the things that are effected by @Holdback

Drug Tolerance
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