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Help for '@review-help'

We love player created items. The biggest set of these types of items in game is clothing. We want to allow you to create as much cool and personalize clothing as possible and part of that is removing it from the game. Previously it was a manual task. If a piece of clothing is dumped/incinerated/trashed, it goes to a special place where admin review it and decide if we should keep it around.

This is very very time consuming and the GMs kinda have other things to do... like puppeting! So, we are crowdsourcing it.

@review-cloth will show you a piece of clothing that is in our 'recycling bin'. It will let you review the messages and help decide if that clothing should be kept or not. Your character is not doing this. YOU the PLAYER are.

It's crowdsourcing, so multiple votes from different players will need to be cast before a decision is made and the item will either be deleted or moved to the market (or somewhere else, depending on the item) automatically.

If you have downtime, please consider reviewing some items.

There is a handy counter that you are shown after you cast a vote with @review-cloth, which is how many items are remaining for you to review. Don't be daunted by the high number, just review however many you have time to review.

If you encounter any issues, please xhelp! If you are unsure of the criteria, please ask for feedback on xgame.
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