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Help for 'FTB'


As of this writing, the only legitimate usage of FTB is to skip mutual explicit sexual RP (aka MOOsex).

Fade to Black or FTB is the choice to fade out a scene instead of performing it. This must be agreed upon by parties using the local OOC chat. FTB -requires- consent from all FTB parties. Appropriate use of FTB is for MOOsex scenes only. Other scenes should not have FTB used. FTB does not allow other players to respond to actions that were faded, incorrect assumptions can be made about a player's actions, and it can affect the RP of other players that weren't involved.

Example: Joe and Jane are planning to go to dinner. John the Assassin has planned to kill Joe and knows about the dinner and waits for Joe and Jane to leave the safety of their home. Joe and Jane FTB the night away and log out. John the Assassin never acts out his plot because the other players never made themselves available to participate.

help sex
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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