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Help for 'TV'


There are several different types of TVs in Sindome. Some are ambient objects that display adverts whereas others are coded objects which can be interacted with by players.

Ambient Screens are not usable objects and cannot be turned on/off, they will also not appear to you when you either. They will display different adverts periodically, cannot have their channels changed and often start with something like:

"The small TV set into the wall comes to life:"
"Ad-blimps and video walls fill the air with:"
"On the TV you see:"

Unlike coded TVs, ambient screens cannot be watched by using the command. They simply exist to bring some life to the area.

Usable TVs are all around the game world and they can come in the form of a TV or a Wall Screen etc. They will appear to you in Cyan when you 'Look Here' and will display a list of commands when you 'examine '. You can change their channels as well as turn them on and off by using the "Turn to " command. So to turn the TV off you would type "Turn TV to Off" and to change it to channel 420 you would type "turn TV to 420".
*Last Updated: 06/17/18 by Fengshui*
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