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Help for 'Weapon Specialization'

Weapon Specialization

Weapon specializations allow a player to pick a favorite weapon for their character.
The purpose is to establish that while "Jane Doe" is an ace with all rifles, she
favors a very specific model. So by purchasing ranks in weapon specialization while
holding her Norinco sniper rifle, she is able to specialize in that model of weapon
as a bonus for all things related to using a Norinco sniper rifle. This will not
effect any other type of sniper rifle nor any other type of rifle at all. It just
gives her an extra edge when it comes to Norinco sniper rifles when she is using one.

A player may only specialize in two different weapons, and the price drastically
increases with each rank of specialization you purchase for each weapon
respectively. Weapon specializations can not be undone or swapped so be absolutely
sure when you choose.

To take a weapon specialization you need to be in possession and holding the weapon
in question. Type '@assign ue' and then pick option number 4. A prompt will then ask
you if you desire to purchase specialization in the weapon you are holding.
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PORT: 5555

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