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Help for 'action-format'


Action format, or tease format, or $you:do_action format is a special first person pose format that's used in many places in the game. It is a set of substitutions (help substitutions/help pronouns) that exists to dynamically generate a message from the first person perspective, and a unique perspective for each observer.

%N      -> Name of the person performing the action
% -> Correctly pluralized verb for perspective
%T      -> The name of an object/subject
%D      -> The target of a message.

I write a tease message as "%N % %p fingers at %d."

To the player performing the tease, they will see:
You wiggle your fingers at John.

And from John Baka's perspective they see:
Jane wiggles her fingers at you.

While any other observers would see:
Jane wiggles her fingers at John.

This format works with all pronoun and substitutions, building on those systems.

To reiterate from other help files, capitalizing a substitution will also force capitalization on the substituted result. So capitalizing %D will force capitalize "You", which may come across unnaturally.

help pronouns
help substitutions
*Last Updated: 04/11/22 by MirageGM*
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