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Help for 'attack'

Syntax: ATTACK


You will attack the designated person with whatever item/weapon you are holding at the time of attacking. This checks your @fatal setting to determine whether you will put someone in a 'dead' state, or just knock them out. If you 'ATTACK' someone who is unconscious or in a 'dead' state, you will NOT snap their neck, leaving them free to wake up if unconscious, or if they are in a dead state, for them to be resuscitated.


This works much like attack, except if you use 'KILL' and the person is unconscious or in a 'dead' state, you WILL snap their neck, which will turn them into a corpse which cannot be resuscitated.


This is straightforward, you stop attacking whomever you are attacking. This will not stop them from continuing to attack you, however.

help combat
help resuscitate
help stats
help @fatal
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