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Help for 'bleed'


Bleed is when we let something from OOC leak into the IC world or vice versa. There are two large categories of IC/OOC bleed: Information Bleed and Emotional Bleed.


An example of Information Bleed is when you the player talk to other players (OOC things about anything that happens to your character, other characters or the game world in general (IC things). Or when a character in the game world (IC things) talk about current events (OOC things) using IC means.

While there are SOME IC things that can be discussed OOCly, they are strictly limited to things that are considered to be common knowledge. This is largely limited to what one can find on the websites Lore ( and Time-line ( and information covered in Help Files.


Sindome can and should be an intense experience full of highs and lows. Your character will likely have periods of success and suffer massive hits. Your character will experience anger, sadness and happiness. Because Sindome is such an RP intensive environment, is common for these IC events to result in you, the OOC player, having strong emotional reactions.

The reverse can be true too. You, the OOC player, might be having a bad day and feel very angry and this might cause your character to act angrier than usual ICly.


In most cases, bleed is inevitable. Informational and Emotional bleed. The important thing is to handle it gracefully and try to minimize it. Be mindful of what your character knows (IC) and what you know (OOC). And if IC events are making you feel upset, sad or angry OOCly, take a step back. Log off and go for a walk. Play a different game for a while. Then come back when you are ready.

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