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Help for 'bug'


We use the Jira project management system to handle bugs. You can submit a bug with @bug and view public bugs on the website at


When encountering anomalous behavior on the game, it can be unclear if what was experienced was a bug, and if it should be bugged. This is especially confusing with the game's often masked difficulty checks and mechanics.

Traditionally, you can be sure something is a bug if:
- It produces a traceback
- It produces no messaging at all
- Your character is no longer able to act

If what you're encountering doesn't fit one of these categories but you still might think it's a bug, you have several methods for clarification.
- Use the xgame channel to see if something is a known bug
- Ask on xhelp for clarification (this may have a long wait)

If what you're encountering is a messaging issue, bad description, a missing help file, or things in that vein, it is a @typo, not a @bug. Filing a @bug that is one of these things will just result in the @bug being closed.


Capturing a bug after a traceback should be done as soon as possible, and should have a report that is equally detailed. For filing severity and details, refer to these bgbb posts:

How to submit a good bug :
Severities               :

You can review bugs you have reported on the Sindome website. You can add new information to a bug you reported here, by finding the bug of concern and adding a comment to it. Do not submit new bugs for the purpose of updating or adding to an existing bug report.

Do not abuse bugs. Report them. Then avoid them.

*Last Updated: 07/02/22 by MirageGM*
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