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Help for 'bug'


We use an in-MOO bug system to handle bugs. You can submit a bug with @bug and view public bugs with @bugs


When encountering anomalous behavior on the game, it can be unclear if what was experienced was a bug, and if it should be bugged. This is especially confusing with the game's often masked difficulty checks and mechanics.

Traditionally, you can be sure something is a bug if:
- It produces a traceback
- It produces no messaging at all
- Your character is no longer able to act

If what you're encountering doesn't fit one of these categories but you still might think it's a bug, you have several methods for clarification.
- Use the xgame channel to see if something is a known bug
- Ask on xhelp for clarification (this may have a long wait)

If what you're encountering is a messaging issue, bad description, a missing help file, or things in that vein, it is a @typo, not a @bug. Filing a @bug that is one of these things will just result in the @bug being closed.


You can use @bugs to search for bugs that match the search text. This is a useful practice to make sure you aren't filing a duplicate bug.


Capturing a bug after a traceback should be done as soon as possible, and should have a report that is equally detailed. For filing severity and details, refer to these bgbb posts:

How to submit a good bug :
Severity               :

You can review bugs you have reported in game with '@bugs mine'. You can add new information to a public bug by finding the bug of concern with @bugs and adding a comment to it using @vb . Do not submit new bugs for the purpose of updating or adding to an existing bug report.

Do not abuse bugs. Report them. Then avoid them.


You can view public bugs that have been submitted using @bugs


This will show you details about a bug. It will also allow you to comment on the bug. Please leave additional info if you can!

VIEW UNREAD BUG COMMENTS => @forums / on connection / on comment

If you have unread comments on bugs you submitted you can see them with @forums. You will also see this message when you first connect. And if you are online you will get a notification of a new comment on a bug you submitted.

*Last Updated: 06/24/23 by Fengshui*
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