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Help for 'bug'

The Sindome Bug System (v2.0) 10-01-01

The bug system of yore was based on the mail recipient object class and was not robust enough for our needs. After looking at several professional bug systems used in the real world, Johnny decided to create a system that could provide more detail and tracking of things. The bug system stores bugs in a list property as well as storing closed bugs offline via file I/O.

The basic commands [1]:

@bug          : This allows the submission of a new bug.
@bugs         : This shows the player any existing bugs they are assigned or are public.
@edit-bug #   : This allows the various fields to be edited.[2]
@view-bug #   : This displays a bug in a formatted view.[3]
@assign-bug # : This is a shorthand command to directly changed the Assigned to field.
@note-bug #   : This is a shorthand command to directly add a note to a bug.

Additionally, these aliases are provided for the above commands:

@edit-bug    : @eb
@view-bug    : @vb
@assign-bug   : @ab
@note-bug    : @nb

[1] - Check the help on each command for more detailed information about that command.
[2] - Players have very limited access as to what fields they can change.
[3] - Not all fields are displayed to players.

See also: @typo, @suggest, @idea, @request
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