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Help for 'buy'

Syntax: look shelf
       buy from shelf
       check on shelf

So you need to buy a sweet pair of shoes to show off to all the other girls working the assembly line at SHI. So you go into a shop - how do you see what's for sale? How do you buy it? You should notice things highlighted in a teal color - tables, racks, counters, shelves. You can 'look' at them for a list of things to buy. If the room contains a highlighted shelf, simply type:

look shelf

Now you will see what's for sale, all of them with numbers alongside. So if you want to buy the 6th item from the shelf, you would type:

buy 6 from shelf

You'll be asked if you're sure you want to purchase the item and when you confirm it, the merchant present will take your money you'll take the item off the shelf. At this point, you will be holding the item you purchased. If its something you've never had before, you probably want to examine it to see what commands it has.

If you're not sure what an item on the table is, you can also look at items on the shelf, with the following syntax:

look on shelf

Some merchants in stores will also buy back items they want to stock. You generally just have to hand them the item you want them to buy from you and they'll tell you how much they'll pay you for it. If you like the price, use the 'to' command to tell them Yes
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