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Help for 'chefs island'


A chef's island is an item that complements a kitchenette, requiring a kitchenette installed in the same location and for groceries to be stocked within the kitchenette.

This item allows for characters to make customized food dishes with the ingredients found in stock items bought from grocery stores (see: help kitchenette), i.e; if your kitchenette has two items stocked and those two items have between them four ingredients, you may mix and match those four ingredients.

Chefs islands require an appropriate skill to properly use and food and beverage creations are able to be more involved the more advanced.

Chefs islands hold two prominent commands, found with examine chefs:

Craft allows for a person to enter in a custom name for a design which pulls up a menu with two options, the first which gives a pre-determined selection of proper names determined by the ingredients/food types in the kitchenette and then a numbered list of ingredients available to construct the dish.

Use prepare on the chefs island to make up a numbered amount of those dishes which will then appear in the listed items when your character uses the kitchenette, as it shows up in the options they can choose. This is ONLY available to the person who prepared the item from the chefs island, characters who didn't prepare the item will not be able to select it from the kitchenette list.

When done, use the kitchenette to select and create the physical food/beverage item to become an available coded object to eat or drink.

help kitchenette
*Last Updated: 10/24/20 by Mench*
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