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Help for 'chemistry'

The various drugs of the world of Sindome are mass produced and often consumer grade. If you're a chemist, you know the basics of what is going on and this document covers that knowledge. It's yours to share, but remember, knowledge is power and you should try and DO instead of INSTRUCT whenever possible, because it will be more money in your pocket instead of the guy who learns it.

When designing a drug variant, the following rules should be considered. A drug variant is basically like the normal form of a drug, but by adding a Stable Compound to the mixture, you yield different results. A Stable Compound is formed by combining a Compound Base with one or more identical copies of a Bonding Molecule. Depending on the molecule, there may be up to 10 copies of a Bonding Molecule required in order to form a Stable Compound.

Functionally, when you produce drugs, all you will get to pick is the Compound Base. This allows you to pick the positive effect of your variant, but keeps the system fair by not allowing you to pick the negative effect of your variant. If we didn't do this, you could simply pick a negative your customers won't care about.

   Example: Aluminum + (-phosphate) = aluminum hexaphosphate
   This compound would enhance coordination but retard technology


ethyl                strength
methyl               awareness
hydrogen             outlook
carbon               stamina
ammonium             toughness
aluminum             coordination
calcium             quickness
iron                technology
trinitrogen          knowledge
biphenyl             charm


-chloromethane       strength
-oxopropane          awareness
-oxide               outlook
-chloride            stamina
-cyanide             toughness
-sulfide             coordination
-hydrate             quickness
-phosphate          technology
-methylhexane       knowledge
-cyclobutane         charm
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