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Help for 'chyen'


Chyen is the currency of Withmore City. There are chyen bills of all denominations and they are issued by various corporations. It's not uncommon to see a stack of chyen notes and have a mixture of notes from various different corporations. This is all just flavor. There is no difference between RPing a stack of all NLM notes and a stack of mixed denomination, mixed corporation notes. It's all worth the same.

At times you may hear chyen referred to as 'chy' or 'flash' or 'credits'. It's all the same.


count - To see how much money you have on you.
pay to - Pay someone the amount specified.
shortchange to - Attempt to fool someone that you've paid them in full.
dropm - Drop a specific amount of money on the floor.

Bank commands.

deposit - Deposit money into your bank account for safekeeping.
withdraw - Withdraw money you own from the bank.
open account - Create an account with the bank.
transfer to - Pay someone through the bank without having to see them in person. must be their SIC alias.
transfer to - Transfers money from a personal account to a business account. Note the acct must be the account number, not the business name.
balance - See how much it is that you've got in the bank.
vend chip - Purchase one of the few models of credchips.
buy disposable cred chip - Buy a disposable, non-reloadable cred chip
cashout <1st/2nd/3rd/etc> chip - Cashout a disposable credchip

help pickpocket
help credchip
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