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Help for 'cloning'


The following is a mixture of IN CHARACTER and OUT OF CHARACTER information. Any IN CHARACTER information in this help file should be considered COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Your character, while they may not have ever had a clone, or been cloned from their corpse, is aware of all of the IN CHARACTER information in this help file the same way children are aware that the Earth is round.


Every character starts the game with NO CLONE. A clone is something that must be purchased in character. If you die without a clone, your character is 'perma-killed' unless someone takes your character's corpse to Genetek and puts the corpse in a Recombination Tank, which can create a fresh clone from a recently deceased body and brain.


The process of cloning is complex, and much of the technology is shrouded in mystery due to a complete monopoly on the technology by the Genetek corporation, and it's subsidiary Sense/Net. What is known is that a complete mapping (also considered a 'download') or your brain is made when you sit down to get a clone. Your DNA is also harvested and your body scanned using various imaging techniques so that it can be faithfully recreated upon your death.

To get a clone you must go to a memory mapping facility with enough money to cover the cost of a clone and type 'sit' to sit down in the cloning pod. After sitting, your characters brain and DNA will be mapped and the clone data saved.

Having a clone is not enough. You must keep your clone 'updated'. This means going back to a cloning facility regularly and sitting in the cloning pod to have your brain remapped. Updating your clone costs 1/5th what purchasing a new clone costs. If you do not update often, your character will be at a distinct disadvantage if they are killed. You the player may remember what happened, but your character does not. Your character will only remember up until the point that they last updated their clone.

If you are killed when you have a clone your character will awaken with the memory, skills, and stats that they had at the time that they last UPDATED their clone, and any events or memories happening between the time your character last cloned and the time of death is lost. Your character does not remember them.

If you are killed you no longer have a clone and you must purchase a new clone for the full price.



The major cloning companies are Sense/Net and Genetek. Sense/Net handles the brain mapping and DNA harvesting that allow Genetek to prepare a fresh clone of your body when you are killed. Upon getting a clone, a special identifying agent is added to your DNA which allows satellites and listening posts spread across the planet to monitor your health. If your body completely ceases operation, Genetek notices this and begins fast-growing a new body for you, using one of the thousands of partially grown clone bodies it keeps in each Genetek Recombination facility.



This happens when your character dies and one of your chummers takes your dying body to Genetek Recombination, puts you in a recombination tank and pays a fee to have you recreated from the genetic materials and brain matter leftover in your character's corpse.


This method of cloning tends to be inefficient, dangerous, and painful, as the cloning facility is dealing with dying flesh.

In this case, your memories of the last 24 hours should be hazy due to brain damage; the last hour before your death is completely missing. You will not remember the death itself and the events immediately leading to it. You will experience some physical and/or emotional damage through the loss of a few UE (experience or character points. see help UE), and this should be roleplayed in such that way. Pain, agony, emotional trauma as you deal with dying and coming back.

If you already have a clone and are cloned from your corpse, you will still have a clone. It's almost as if you never died, except you will be missing your memories of the last 24 hours due to brain damage.


Genetek has the ability to produce a body that is completely free of scars because it is using your DNA to build the new body. However, many choose, for psychological, continuity, and social reasons, to have their new body be an exact replica of their body at the time they last updated. It is up to each person to decide which they want.

We don't actually provide an 'option' at the time of cloning for you to choose. It's really up to you. When you clone, your character will have the same @description and @nakeds as when you updated, you can choose to keep them or to return your character to an unscarred version of themselves.


It is a common practice for tattoo artists to use special ink that binds to your DNA. This special ink is read by Sense/Net and processed by Genetek and your new clone will wake up with the same tattoos as they had when they last updated.

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