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Help for 'combat'


There are several areas of combat you can explore. Try looking up one of the following topics.

general-combat   -- Basic combat information.
advanced-combat -- More advanced aspects of the system.
cloning          -- Find out about cloning (our multi-death system)
death            -- Find out about death
@fatal          -- Toggles whether or not you attack to kill or attack to KO.
kill             -- Simply does just that, you attack someone to kill.
attack          -- This command attacks someone, it uses your @fatal setting.
@default-weapon -- What weapon will you use in combat?
style            -- How will you fight if you're not holding a weapon?
posture          -- Sets your posture, there are five to choose from.
disarm          -- Knock something from someone's grasp.
grapple          -- Holding/Releasing/Resisting... and all the nasty stuff.
flee             -- Run away!
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Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.