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Help for 'corps'

There are a number of corporations in the city. They control basically everything through one sub corporation or shell. If you enter a building in Withmore City, you are entering something owned by one of the city's mega corporations.

There is the concept of sovereign corporate territory. This is a place where the city's laws no longer directly apply and instead the jurisdiction falls to the corporation itself. The Corporation has ultimate authority in their territory, even superseding the Withmore Justice Force. All mega-corps have agreed to abide in part by the laws of Withmore City, but they retain this sovereignty at their corporate headquarters. On those grounds, they are the Law, and not the WJF. Though they may invite the WJF to enforce the law, or simply not prohibit the WJF from enforcing it. This only applies at corporate HQs and does not apply to their holdings (otherwise this would encompass the entire city, given the corps own everything).

Saedor-Krupp (SK)

   Saedor-Krupp Industries

   Runs majority of cybernetic component sales

Virii-Soma (VS)

   Virii-Soma Biological Research Enterprises

   Handles genetic, viral, and bacteria biosculpting products.

Nito-Kodak (NK)

   Nito-Kodak Optical Designs Limited

   Specializes in bio-optical, digital designs.

New Light Media (NLM)

   New Light Media Incorporated

   Handles digital media production and broadcast.

Genetek Revival (GR)

   Genetek Regeneration Revival Institute

   Handling regeneration research and contracts.

Sense/Net (SN)

Sense/Net Cloning

Manages cloning technology in conjunction with Genetek Revival


Tactical Emergency Response and Resistance Agency

Takes security contracts mainly on RED Sector

Withmore Justice Force (WJF)

Withmore Justice Force

Handling overall security for Withmore. Overseen by the City Council.

Planetary Resources Inc.
Formed after the merger of Skywatch (SW) and Shinohara Heavy Industries (SHI)

Skywatch Orbital Research

Manages dome climate & power systems.

Military-grade vehicle, weapons and technology production.

Withmore Wholesalers (WW)

Withmore Wholesalers

Import, Export and Delivery of goods.

Acme Wholesalers (AW)

Acme Wholesalers

Import, Export and Delivery of goods (mainly in RED Sector)

NeoTrans (NT)
NeoTrans Spaceports

NeoTrans Orbitals

Owns ports and handles port security at ports around the 'verse
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