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Help for 'corpshare'


You can find a number of stock tickers in game that represent the current stock price of various mega-corporations. You can also, if you are a corporate employee, join in the trading and attempt to make money for your corporation by buying/selling CorpShares at a CorpShare terminal. Any money made will go to your corporation, but the best traders each cycle will win monetary prizes which are defined on the CorpShare terminal.

Each corp will grant its employees seed money each cycle. This is the same across all corps, meaning everyone will start at the same spot as everyone else.

Corporate employees can use their seed money to buy stock in ANY corporation. The goal is to promote RP by offering a system that promotes corporate espionage, spying, positioning, and more.


The share price of a corp will fluctuate based on in game systems to a degree. These changes will be similar to real world changes one might see in stock prices. Buying stock may cause it to go up while mass sell offs will cause it to go down. In general, the system will determine the overall trends in a corporation's share price, with inputs from the players and GMs having an additional effect on the share price. This means there will always be SOME fluctuations in share price that are not attributed to player or GM interactions, and are just the system determining NLM should go down a bit while VS should go up a bit, on top of any other IC inputs.


Senior GMs have mechanisms to affect the price of a corporation's shares. This is similar to how faction rankings work, but more obfuscated. Instead of choosing to raise the share price by a specific amount, they will choose an event that has happened (data leak! kidnapping! terrorist attack! new product release!) which will then have an affect on the share price.


Certain NPCs or locations on the Grid may have stock tips.


To solve the problem of making money directly off the market, this isn't a system you can profit from directly and infinitely. Instead, corporate employees have the potential to win prizes based on how well they do playing the CorpShare market.


Each cycle, before the cycle reset, prizes will be paid out at the terminal. The prizes are visible on the CorpShare terminal.


This system is only be available to CORPORATE employees. Anyone else looking to get involved will have to get involved as someone who trades tips, or helps make changes in stock prices happen for a profit.


Only more senior admin have the ability to interact with the CorpShare market and trigger events that affect share prices. Any admin that has the ability to influence the CorpShare market will be ineligible to collect any winnings via their alt, should they win any of the cycle prizes.

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