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Help for 'credchip'


Credchips are electronic devices that can be gained from Withmore Savings Bank and allow you to access your bank funds on the go. Similar to a bank card, you can use it to pay for things but with the added ability to transfer funds to other users who also have Credchips handy.

Credchips come in four variants;

-> Normal Credchip - This is the default credchip that has no added security.

-> Autolocking Credchip - This is the middle-ground chip that auto-locks itself keeping it secure.

-> Shocker Credchip - This is the top-level chip that auto-locks and zaps whoever tries to use it without knowing its code.

-> Disposable Credchip - Non reloadable, cannot link to other chips, usable in stores, can be cashed out at the bank. Basically a gift card.

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