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Help for 'cyber-design'


Cybernetics design covers the process of changing, designing, or modifying cyberware that can be aesthetically modified. Only SOME cyberware can be customized, and which cyberware can and can not be modified can be found out in game by @check'ing it.

Designing cyberware functionally refers to changing the naked messages the cyberware overrides once it's installed in a patient.

Refer to 'help pronouns' for how to refer to a person in general when writing any of the messages.

HELPFUL NOTE: The cyberware can only be designed/customized while outside of the patient, so be sure to do it before it's installed!


Designs are audited by staff and will be removed from the game if they are deemed unacceptable. Here are some general rules that can be used as a starting point:

* Cybernetic designs should never include details on body parts separate from the cyberware. Cyber designs for eyes for example, should never affect the face.
* %color is material, do not describe the cybernetic design as a material different from what @color was chosen. If you choose plastic, don't then to describe something as a crystal appearance.
* Do not make it look armored. Don't describe something as being heavily fortified, heavily armored, etc. It isn't.
* Do not attribute additional functionality. No describing new body parts, additional arms, etc. Nothing that would confer a mechanical advantage. This should be obvious.
* Do not duplicate or emulate other cyberware. Creating a design that makes one cyberware look like another is forbidden.


A coating can be applied using the prosthetics printer. If you are unsure where to find one, ask ICly. The coating has an impact on the appearance quality of the cyberware when installed.


Cybernetics contribute to a persons dress score. That is, how they look on the whole based on their clothing, jewelry, and cyberware (among other things). The design itself, along with the coating use play a factor in the dress score for the cybernetics once installed.


Designing cybernetics requires the Bio Tech skill. When you @design a cyberware, a skill check is executed. If you fail the skill check the cyberware will be ruined. Be careful!


The messages you set with @appearance can include:

* pronoun substitutions (help pronouns)
* %color for skin color
* %(body part) location i.e. %hand will callout 'right hand' in the @naked



This command shows you the status of the cyberware. Has a design been locked in? What substitutions does it support? What color is it? And so on.

    design_id: Whether a design is already locked in or not.

    color: The currently set color.

    naked_msgs: How the cyberware will be shown on the patient when installed.

    substitutions: A list of other string substitutions specific to this cyberware that can be used in the naked_msgs.


Enters the menu for modifying the cyberware's appearance (the naked_msg used) once it is installed. Some cyberware allow setting multiple messages, as they modify several body locations. You will be able to choose the location to edit here.


Sets the color and material for the cyberware. The options available are based on the coating the cybernetic has been giving. There are prosthetic printers in the world that enable you to pay for 'premium color sets', those options will be available here after the coating is complete.

WARNING: Once a color is selected, it can never, ever be changed. Be careful!

@finalize-design is

This command is functionally similar to clothing's 'finalize'. When executed, it sets all the appearance messages and the cyberware can no longer be modified.

Additionally, the name parameter means the design is saved forever and can be used again in the future by just entering the command again.

WARNING: Designed cyberware can never, ever, ever be changed.

You cannot finalize a design before setting the @appearance and @color.


Shows all of the designs you've ever done for this type of cyberware. These designs can be used again by typing @design is with an existing name.

Cyberware Designs are tied to a player + the type of cyberware. That means if you create a design for a SK right cyberhand, that design will be available to you on any SK right cyberhand.


This is an overview of the process from start to finish.

- purchase the cybernetic
- (optional) take it to a prosthetics printer and get it coated with a specialized coating to increase it's dress score + color options
- use @color to set a color (can only be set once!)
- use @appearance to set naked messages (can be set and reset multiple times before finalization)
- use @check to confirm your settings
- @finalize-design to save your design

This is an overview of the process for using a previously saved design
- purchase the cybernetic
- (optional) take it to a prosthetics printer and get it coated with a specialized coating to increase it's dress score + color options
- View existing designs with @designs
- @finalize-design is


help tailoring
help cyberware
help pronouns
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