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Help for 'cyberpunk'


Cyberpunk. High tech, low life. The haves (corpies) versus the have-nots (mixers). Sindome has a specific blend of cyberpunk that has grown out of the over 21 years of history the game has accumulated since it came online in 1997.

In general, cyberpunk means many different things for many different people. There are the back alleys of William Gibson's Neuromancer and the corporate 'burbs of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. There are the Envoys of Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon and the Switchgrass Plantations of Brendan Butts's Recombination (set in the same world as Sindome).

You can google Cyberpunk and read tons of books on the subject. We have a guide for being a cyberpunk in Withmore City.

[ ]

We also have some inspiration resources if you want to check out some cyberpunk works

[ ]

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