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Help for 'discord'


Sindome has a Community Discord server. This is NOT intended to be a place where people make OOC plans for the game. It is intended as a place for the community to chat Out of Character, about Out of Character stuff. Not about IC stuff.

The @rules have detailed rules on OOC discussions. You REALLY should read them, because you're going to be held accountable to them regardless of if you have read them or not.

- Do NOT share OOC information!
- Do NOT share who you play publicly!
- Keep in-depth discussions of how to improve the game on the BGBB
- Read the @rules around OOC Discussions
- Report rules violations to the admin via xhelp or send logs to [email protected]
- If you share who you play privately you trigger our Conflict of Interest rule and must report it to the Staff and cannot RP closely with the other person (and they with you) so it is in your best interest to avoid this!
- Do not use your character art as your avatar on Discord
- Do not hint at who you play (or you'll trigger the COI rule)
- Use the War-Stories channel to share war stories.
- Listen to the mods (there are admin and player moderators)


The MOO only supports ASCII, so if you have non-ASCII characters in your user name, you won't be able to verify your account. In cases such as this you can either change your username to only use ASCII or create a new discord account to use. We will figure out a solution to this problem soonish, hopefully.

We will set your nickname on the server but your username is still visible. If your username is associated with your character name in anyway, you need to either change your Discord username, or create a new account (Discord allows switching between new accounts). If you have questions about this please xhelp.


You should NOT share In Character Information (except where allowed under War Stories rules). You should notify Staff if you share who you play, or someone else shares who they play with you via DMs, and abide by the Conflict of Interest rule (@rules). You should not post character art that would reveal who you play and do not set an Avatar that would reveal who you play either. You are not permitted to publicly share who you play or share who anyone else plays (publicly or privately).


You can use: @discord-invite

This command will generate a 1-time use invite to join the Sindome Discord.


After joining the Discord server you will not be able to do anything besides look at the rules channel. To be able to post/see the channels you need to link your MOO and Discord accounts.

Upon joining the Sindome Discord you will receive a private message from MOO-Bot with a command you can copy and paste into the MOO. This will link your Discord and MOO accounts and give you the ability to access channels and post.

When you link your account, your nickname will be automatically set to your BGBB/OOC Chat name. You cannot change it.


You can unlink your MOO account from Discord at any time, but doing so will remove your ability to see channels and post content. However, this can be useful if you want to change which Discord account you are using for Sindome.

The command to do this is: @discord-unverify


If you wish to disable DMs, you can click on the 'Sindome Community' drop-down menu at the top of the channel list, located at the top of the window.
- Click Privacy Settings
- Uncheck Direct Messages and Message Requests (and any other settings you want).


Not everyone is on Discord, just like not everyone is on OOC-Chat. Please have discussions about how to improve the game on the BGBB where everyone can participate.


This is an experiment. If it doesn't have the desired intent of community building and instead seems to promote people sharing IC information OOCly, we will reconsider the viability of having a Discord. So please, be cool and follow the rules.

help ooc-discussion
help metagaming
*Last Updated: 03/01/23 by Fengshui*
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PORT: 5555

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