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Help for 'disease'


Within Withmore there are a plentiful number of diseases that one might contract and as you would expect, they can range from mild infections to catastrophic emergencies that can wipe out an entire quarter of a sector in one sneeze.

Some diseases are transferred by air some by blood and some by physical contact so it is essential that in a time of national distress due to a rampant killer disease, you should avoid contact at all costs, or play the devil's advocate and infect your friends!

Symptoms of such diseases may or may not include fatigue, itches, vomiting, sudden loss of bowel control and/or death.

In any case, if you suspect yourself of being ill and/or having a disease then you should most certainly get in touch with your local doctor, ripper or medical "professional" to obtain the correct and essential medicine to keep yourself and everyone around you, alive.

Walk safe, chum.

help death
help fatigue
*Last Updated: 02/18/19 by Mench*
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