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Help for 'drugs'


Drugs are legal in Withmore City for the most part. Some drugs, used under certain circumstances, are illegal. Find out in game which ones.

Drugs can boost certain stats while lowering others. They can have side effects. They can cause withdrawals.

In general, they can be great to use and abuse in the right situations, but they come at a cost.


Drugs come in a variety of qualities. That means that a specific drug, like V-202 might have been produced to by a dude in a garage somewhere using subpar skill and components. In these cases the drug will be worth less, and less potent.

On the flip side you might find some really good shit that is more powerful than average.


Drugs cost money. Each drug has a different base price. The quality in one of the determining factors in the cost. Availability is another.


There is a HIGH possibility of addiction and varying stages of withdrawal if you begin taking drugs and then don't get your regular fix.

Typically withdrawals and after effects can be canceled out by taking another hit from the drug. It's a perpetual cycle.


Drugs can be manufactured using in character skills and tools, and can have a varying degree of purity which will effect their potency in the game.
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