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Help for 'emote'

Syntax: emote ...
         : ...
         :: ...

Announces to everyone in the same room, prepending your name. This is commonly used to express various non-verbal forms of communication. In fact, it is so commonly used that there's a special abbreviation for it: any command-line beginning with ':' is treated as an 'emote' command.

The alternate form, '::' (less commonly 'emote :'), does not insert the space between the player name and the text.

Munchkin types this:
:wishes he were much taller...
Everyone in the same room sees this:
Munchkin wishes he were much taller...

Munchkin types this:
::'s eyes are green.
Everyone in the same room sees this:
Munchkin's eyes are green.

There is also the added option to use the following commands to affect the visibility of your emotes.

Emote Loudly - Emoting loudly will make your Emotes stand out more predominantly than normal emotes and will be visible to everyone in the same room as you regardless if you have Addressed them or if they are Watching you.

Emote Softly - Emoting Softly will return your emotes to the usual visibility and will make them only visible to those who have been addressed by you or are watching you.

See Also; Slither's Using Emote Tutorial Video -
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