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Help for 'escort'

Syntax: escort

The 'escort' command enables a character to assume the role of a quasi-body guard for the targeted character. Each time the escorted character inputs a movement command, the escorting character will enter the room immediately ahead of them. You will continue to do so until you 'stop escorting'.

In order to successfully escort a character, your target must trust you to escort. If they haven't done so already, they'll be prompted to do so with the @trust command. After this, you'll have to re-enter the prompt to initiate the movement.

Unlike 'follow' and 'shadow', the act of escorting will resume when the targeted character and escorting character return to the same room, instead of needing to be manually input upon their return. Additionally, escort movements are not interrupted by differences in walking speeds, nor will entrance fee prompts; the latter only triggering for the escorted, not the escorter.

help follow
help sneak
help movement
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