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Help for 'examine-me'

Emoting & Communication          (see also `help speaking')

!        => Spoof something to the room
address/unaddress    => Begin addressing someone / stop addressing
address /all                => Address everyone around you
addressing                   => See who you are addressing
watch/ignore           => Begin eavesdropping on someone / watch TV/LCD
watch all                   => Begin watching as many people as you can
watching                     => See who you are eavesdropping on
mumble/mutter           => Mumble something under your breath
to       => Speak to someone or something
whisper to     => Whisper something to someone
say                    => Say something to those who can hear it
shout                   => Shout something really loud
speak                   => Speak in foreign tongues or loudly or softly
emote                   => Emote something, or loudly or softly (see help emote)
pose                    => have your character do an action (see help pose)
@voice me is           => Change the voice others hear when you speak
-                      => Speak quietly into a phone
speaking                     => Shows voice, language and who's listening

OOC Communication                (see also `help channels')

ooc                    => Say something brief OOCly
@xcon ooc                   => Connect to the OOC-Chat (game wide OOC chat)
@xlisten game                => Connect to Game-Help (as secondary channel)
@xsilence ooc                => Disconnect from the OOC-Chat (can get spammy)
@xalias                 => Change your alias on OOC-Chat
xto/xm/xmo                   => Chat with others on OOC-Chaton OOC-Chat
xgame                   => Send a message on Game-Help
xsocials                     => See x-social commands like 'xgrin'
x             => Do a directed social to someone on OOC-Chat
@ooc                         => Leave the IC world if you're idling

Character Actions                (examine different objects for more actions)

freehands                   => Empty your hands
catch     => Catch something that has been thrown
throw to          => Throw something to someone or at something
frisk                => Frisk a person for stuff, may require help
grab from     => Grab something out of the hands of another
follow / shadow    => Follow someone or stealthily follow someone
escort              => Escort someone (help escort)
stop following / shadowing   => Stop following or shadowing someone
hide / unhide    => Hide yourself or something else
pointout           => Point out someone hidden to those watching
search                      => Search a room for hidden exits/items
search here for tracks       => Search for tracks leading in and out
plant on       => Plant something on someone's body stealthily
steal from     => Attempt to steal something from someone
stop                    => Stop doing stuff (attacking, following, etc)
uncuff              => When cuffed, uncuff someone
count                   => Count your money or things that match
dropm*oney           => Drop an amount of chyen on the ground
shortchange to => Attempt to underpay someone
pay to        => Pay an amount of chyen to someone or thing
pick*pocket          => Attempt to steal some chyen from someone
expose me /           => Undisguise yourself, or temp expose a naked
look / look me / look => look at yourself, things, or others
glance                 => glance at people, things, directions (shorter than look)
laid / fucked / fapfapfap    => Did you get some? Let the game engine know.

Trust Actions                   (see also `help trust')

@trust                      => List of trustable actions
@trust for => Trust someone, optionally add specific action
@trusted                     => List of people you currently trust and for what
@untrust             => Untrust someone completely

Combat Actions                   (see also `help combat')

stop attacking               => Stop attacking whoever you're attacking
aim at              => Aim your current weapon at a target
attack                 => Attack something or someone but will not snap their neck if KO'd
kill                    => Attack something (same as above) but will snap neck if KO'd
disarm              => Knock a weapon out an opponent's hand
flee              => Flee combat and optionally specify an exit
posture           => Change your combat stance often to live more
grapple / release       => Grab ahold of a person or thing / choke hold
resist                      => When grappled, use this to try and get out
switchto             => Switch between two weapons while using them
style                        => Manage your Hand-to-Hand combat weapon

IC Non-Actions

ht/health           => Evaluate the health of someone (and `me')
memorize     => Memorize cube codes, phone numbers and more
memory                      => Recall that which has been memorized
think              => Think in lil' bubbles (visible to others in some cases)

Character Management

@add-note/@an       => Add a note about the RP you're doing
@notes                      => View your notes (INFO NOT USABLE ICLY)
@assign ue                   => Spend UE to enhance your character
@stats                      => View the statistics on your character
@macros / @macros-help       => Manage your server-side macros
@history                     => Manage your character's history
@face                        => Edit your ascii face
@luck                        => Toggle the use of luck in stat/skill checks
@fatal/@lethal               => Toggle whether you show mercy when attacked
@nakeds / @naked       => See / Set your naked body part messages
@current-weapon             => See what weapon will be used
@default-weapon is    => Change what weapon to be used when attacked
@describe me as ""      => What others -see- when they look at you.
@title me is           => Change your title
@messages me                => Display a list of editable messages
@look_place me is       => how you appear in a room to others
@temp_place me is       => temp look_place resets to look_place when you move
@sleep_place me is     => how you appear when disconnected
@shortdesc change            => NEW! Change your brief visual description
@skintone me                => Change your characters skin tone

Account Management

@email          => Change the email address we have on file
@password        => Change your password
@options           => Configure a number of optional settings
@forums*                     => Configure Bitch Board notifications
@invis                      => Toggle your appearance on the @who
@wow me is        => Set your @who wit or wisdom

Making Things Better

@bug                         => File a bug based on a traceback / basic bug
@typo                        => Report a spelling or grammar error
@nn                         => Check for new messages from staff members
@review-cloth                => Review items that were trashed to see if we should keep

OOC Information & Commands

@ansicolors                  => View the colors supported by the game
@colors                      => View different colors that relate to different things
@ansi                        => Toggle between different ansi options
@mooinfo                     => View the basic information about the game
@uptime                      => How long since we last restarted?
@socials                     => View the list of instant emotes, or socials
@rules                      => View the rules of Sindome [READ ME]
@newbie                      => Getting started in Sindome
@who                         => View list of online players/admin
@tutorials                   => View a list of all our tutorials!
@access                      => Support for screen readers and the visually impaired
@membership                  => View your membership status
@bullshit                   => Get a random string of corporate jargon bullshit
@clear                      => Add enough empty lines to clear your screen!

Getting Help & OOC Requests

xhelp                   => Send a message to the connected admin
help / help           => Read a help file!
xgame                   => Send a message on game-help (no IC info please)
newbie                 => Alias for xgame, ask questions and get help with OOC issues.
@service-request             => Submit a service request to admin (help @service-request)
@puppet-request             => Submit a puppet request to admin (help @puppet-request)

*Last Updated: 04/03/19 by Fengshui*
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PORT: 5555

Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.