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Help for 'fatigue'


Your character's fatigue is all about how tired they are. Just about everything makes your character tired to one degree or another. Sit down and you spend a tiny bit of energy, grapple someone and spend a lot of energy.

Your current physical condition, expressed as part of your character's health description (type 'ht') is how all this fatigue-inducing activity has affected your body.

Your feeling about fatigue is an indicator of how badly the things you do will negatively impact your current physical condition. The worse it sounds, the quicker you'll get tired and the longer it will take to recover from fatigue.

Several things affect your ability to recover from fatigue. Drinking booze, being badly injured, carrying too much are all examples of things that make it harder to recover. Relaxing, eating and drugs are all examples of things that make it easier.

help stats
help health
*Last Updated: 09/05/19 by Mench*
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