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Help for 'feeler'

Personality - (T) Thinker / (F) Feeler

How we make decisions.

The main difference between thinking and feeling is that thinkers make decisions based on facts, and feelers make decisions based on values. In other words, thinkers use their heads more than their hearts and feelers use their hearts more than their heads. But there is a stereotype that needs to be discontinued- Thinkers aren't sensitive to others and feelers never think logically, and women are feelers and men are thinkers. These comparisons below are generalized, everyone will have traits of both in different situations. It really depends on what you are more inclined to while making decisions.

Thinking                              Feeling
Decides with head                     Decides with heart
Judge based on logic                  Judge based on feelings
Driven by thought                     Driven by emotion
Critical                              Empathetic
Gives priority to truth               Gives priority to relationships
Impersonal                            Personal
Not easily upset by others' remarks   Takes remarks personally
Rational                              Passionate

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help introvert
help extrovert
help sensor
help intuitive
help perceiver
help judger
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