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Help for 'flying'


Flying is more complex than cars or bikes ('help drive') because you are working in three dimensions. Most AVs have ASCII 3D Navigators or flight interfaces to help you with your surroundings. If you are in a cockpit with one, type 'help navigator' or 'help interface' to learn more. Your flight computer will validate any route you input automatically and prevent you from moving if that route would result in a collision.


enter - To get into the front seat.

board - To get in the back seat (Please note that some AVs do not have back seats.)

force in - Force someone or something into a vehicle.

unlock/lock - To unlock or lock the vehicle from the outside.


unlock/lock - To lock or unlock the specified doors of the aerodyne. Works with 'front', 'back', and 'here'.

exit - To get out of the AV. Do not do this unless you are sure you are at a street, landing pad, etc. Falls hurt.

control - To move into the pilot's seat (In most vehicles, if you're the first in the front of the AV, you're automatically in the pilot's seat.)

uncontrol - To move to a passenger seat.

start/shutoff - To start your engine or shut off your engine (You must be in the pilot's seat)

takeoff - To lift your vehicle off the ground so that you can begin flying. (note, you must takeoff before you are able to move).

land - To set your vehicle back on the ground. Don't forget to do this BEFORE you shutoff.

validate - Validates the route to see if it is safe for you to fly. Will alert you if the route is unsafe.

caw - Disables or enables the audible warnings from the vehicle for a situation of concern.

fly - To fly your AV. If you know your way around, you can move through many rooms with a single command, by adding the directions to the command, similar to how go works. (E.g fly e e e e n w w u u w w s). Your flight computer will stop you from going along any route that runs into a building, street, etc.

stop flying - To stop your AV if you've entered a sequence and wish to stop.

accel/brake - To move faster or slower

peer - To look outside of your aerodyne. If no direction is specified, it will look at the room your aerodyne currently occupies. Adding an exit name or cardinal direction will instead attempt to look into that room. If in range, peering down will display the name of the room the aerodyne is above.

airspace - turns the automatic display of the 3D navigation on or off. (WARNING: This command is very resource-intensive and will generate ASCII art on your screen with each room you enter). As a note, every aerodyne contains a 3D navigator you can 'look' at, that replicates the functionality manually.

tail - To follow or attempt to follow another vehicle.

windows - Opens or closes the side windows, which allows use of vmotes and objects being thrown out through open windows.

vmote - Allows for emoting from inside a vehicle to characters outside, operates like emote but prefixed with the vehicle name and character shortdesc.

throw to out - Attempts to throw a held item out an open window.

auth/unauth for - If you have ownership over the AV, you can give other characters permission to perform certain actions with the AV.
   - lock_group controls siphoning gas, locking and unlocking doors.
   - auth_group controls authing and deauthing from the vehicle.
   - tow controls authing for the vehicle to be hitched/hoisted by a towing vehicle.
   - operate controls flying, takeoff, and starting/stopping the vehicle.
*Last Updated: 07/06/22 by Mench*
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