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Help for 'forbidden'


First and foremost, Sindome is an adult game, with adult situations. That includes sex, and violence, and other stuff like that. That includes in person or on the SIC. This is allowed within the rules. Just like violence is allowed within the rules. By participating in the game and agreeing to the rules, you consent to being exposed to sexual / violent content in person and also SIC as third party. Our rules specifically clarify that you do not have to partake in erotic roleplay unless you choose to.

Sindome is a gritty and dark world where all manner of things happen, it is also a community that has a varied group of people that are a part of it. It's impossible to know what will or will not trigger someone OOCly (in real life). There are few subjects that are strictly forbidden In Character (ICly) but they do exist and are outlined both in our rules and in more depth in this help file.


Rape as an in-character topic of discussion, subject of jokes, or roleplay must be avoided. While everyone involved in the roleplay may have consented to the scene, that doesn't mean the ramifications of the RP will not be felt or exposed to those that did not agree to the RP.

A player is the person behind the computer. A player roleplays a character.

A character is the person in-game (controlled by the player). A character can roleplay, but that is the character acting out a roleplay within the game world. IE: the player is roleplaying their character, and the character is roleplaying as drunk when they are not, or acting in general, such as a character acting out a scene on TV.


A player can always bow out of any sexual situation they are not comfortable with. If you are comfortable with it, ask OOCly to 'Fade to Black' / 'FTB'. Meaning your characters did the dirty or whatever, and you don't have to roleplay it out.

If you are OOCly uncomfortable and do not want to FTB, ask the other player(s) involved OOCly to cease sexual advances or attempting sex roleplay. If they do not, please xhelp and raise the issue with an admin. Understand that even with FTB, this does not enable your characters to be free from consequence of engaging in sex roleplay, whether that be blackmail, or so on.


Anyone actively engaging in sexual roleplay on Sindome is, on an OOC level, doing so with the understanding that Sindome is a game with adult themes that include murder, betrayal, and lies, and you the player must go into any sexual roleplay with your eyes open and a firm understanding that the person(s) your character is roleplaying with may be lying to or otherwise deceiving your character or preparing to betray your character or their friends. This could involve lying or positioning oneself such that they engage in sexual RP with someone they have lied to, betrayed, etc.

When considering sexual roleplay from an OOC standpoint, please remember that the characters you roleplay with are potentially plotting your death, lying to you, planning to rob you, planning to kill you, planning to blackmail you, may be recording you, were sent to spy on you, etc. If you aren't comfortable Out of Character with the multitude of ways you could be being deceived playing into your OOC decision to engage in sexual roleplay with someone you should avoid all sexual roleplay on Sindome. There will be few situations where, based on the themes of the game, a character isn't working an angle in an attempt to get ahead in life.

You always have the recourse to not engage with sexual roleplay at all. You can fade to black (FTB) sexual scenes if you are comfortable with that, or OOCly ask that people stop attempting to engage your character in sexual roleplay.

You are under no obligation to engage in sexual roleplay, but if you the PLAYER choose to do so, you are doing so with your eyes open about what kind of game this is, and what kind of characters you are likely to meet. You are consenting to the sexual roleplay, knowing you might be deceived in character as to the nature of your relationship with the person(s) you are engaging in sexual RP with.


Within the context of Sindome, a player cannot engage in rape roleplay, which is considered either:

1. OUT OF CHARACTER consensual non consent roleplay (All players involved are OOCly consenting but their characters are ICly not consenting)
2. OUT OF CHARACTER non consent (Only some players are OOCly consenting while others are not OOCly consenting).

An example of why Rape RP is forbidden and not just kept 'behind closed doors': if Joe and Jack engage in rape roleplay, after both OOCly (Out of Character) consenting to it, but then Joe tells his friend Bob, who did not consent, and Bob tells Jessica, who also did not consent, a whole bunch of people who did not consent to the roleplay are now having that roleplay thrust upon them in such a way that their characters would HAVE to react to it, even if the players behind those characters have absolutely no interest in engaging with that kind of roleplay.

There are many things you can roleplay about on Sindome. Do not roleplay rape. Do not discuss it. Don't consent to it, don't ask for others too. Just stay away from it.

Consider that some of the people you are playing with may have had real-life experiences that make this topic more than just a 'roleplay' for them.

There are veiled suggestions that allude to rape in some room descriptions (especially on Red). This is because the IC world is a horrible place, where horrible things happen. That does not mean that actively engaging in this type of roleplay is acceptable. It is not.


It is possible for a character in game to be too drunk to walk / stay awake. Or they could be dying/dead from wounds. Or they cold be a literal corpse, or on some INSANE mind altering substance. First, do not RP necrophilia under any circumstances. That is not what this game is here for. Second, do not engage in sexual RP with characters that cannot ICly (or OOCly in the case of someone being knocked out and unable to respond) consent. Remember, that if you engage in IC sexual RP it MUST be consenting both ICly and OOCly, and must be within the criteria laid out in 'Consent on Sindome'. Do not RP things like 'having sex with someone because you were too drunk to say no' or anything of that nature.


This is the act of intentionally sexually touching another person without that person's consent. This is against the rules. Do not do it. If you want to engage in sexual roleplay with someone, ask them in character before making any emotes or poses of a sexual nature.


Do not spread slanderous rumors about someone raping, sexually assaulting, or molesting someone. This includes discussing acts of a sexual nature with any number of non-consenting parties; such as bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia. These acts are prohibited in character because they are so upsetting to many people out of character, and a rumor can be just as upsetting. This includes jokes or insults even made between OOC-consenting parties.

If someone tells you such a rumor, you can point them to the rules and this help file. And then you should report it on xhelp so we are aware that it is happening. On occasion, someone is unaware of the rules or did not fully understand them, and we need to step in and make it very clear that these topics are not acceptable in our game.


If you have any questions about any of this, please xhelp. And if you are unsure if the roleplay you are thinking of engaging in would violate these rules, you can ask, or you can just not engage in it and not worry about it.

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