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Help for 'furniture'


Beyond the cosmetic elements of room descriptions, there are many types of furniture in Sindome with additional coded functionality that players can interact with.

* Some rooms will have built-in seating, such as bars, beds, chairs, or other types of seating which characters can sit at and stand from. These types of furniture will generally appear at the end of a room description and may require a @redecorate request by the owner to modify. See 'help seating' for more information.

* Many apartments and other appropriate rooms will have a shower or even styling facilities. These types of furniture will not necessarily appear in the room description and may require a @redecorate request by the owner to modify. See 'help shower' and 'help hairstyle' for more information.

* Several types of furniture objects, such as kitchenettes, cabinets, mirrors, workbenches, chef's islands, lights, and many others are available to purchase. These types of furniture will appear in the room description as highlighted objects and can often be moved/installed without staff intervention. Examine these objects for more information.

Some types of furniture must be installed by a character with the appropriate skills and tools before they can be used, others can be placed and used by anyone.

help shower
help hairstyle
help redecorate
*Last Updated: 01/11/22 by Mench*
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