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Help for 'game-help'


The game-help channel is one of the current @channels you can join and use to communicate with other players. To join the channel you can use the @xcon or the @xlisten commands.

Join Example: @xcon Game-Help / @xlisten Game-Help
Talk Example: xgame

The game-help channel is intended for players to ask questions and support each other by answering each other's questions. There are a few rules that we ask you to follow when using the channel:

Do not speak about IC (In-Character) information in the Game-Help Channel. (See ' Help FOIG ' for more information on what is acceptable to ask.)

Keep questions related to game Mechanics.

Do not have discussions in Game-Help. If you want to continue a discussion from Game-Help, then please use OOC-Chat.

Note that any questions which you believe involve IC information and should not be asked in Game-Help, can be asked via Xhelp.

help channels
help karma
help moderator
help ooc-chat
Getting Help tutorial Video -
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PORT: 5555

Video: Initial Signup

Walk through signing up for Sindome and getting started with your first character!

Video: IC vs OOC

Learn what IC and OOC mean, how they effect you, rules you should be aware of, and more commands you should know.