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Help for 'garage'


Vehicle assembly and some repairs may require an appropriately equipped garage area, along with a character with the necessary tools, skills, and authorization to use that garage. Some commands may only be available if a garage has the requisite equipment present.


install/uninstall from - Either installs or uninstalls a vehicle part from the target vehicle.


repaint - Opens a list of the available colors for vehicle painting and paints the target vehicle with the selected option.

configure on - Allows for configuration of horn sounds and in-vehicle gauge colors (see '@colors 256' for options).

estimate - Evaluate the condition of the target vehicle and suggest a price to repair parts to undamaged conditions.

adduser/rmuser - Authorizes or deauthorizes a character for use of garage functions.

help vehicle
help repair
*Last Updated: 01/10/22 by Mench*
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